WATCH: Half-Hour Documentary From The New Yorker Follows Andrew Yang’s Failed Mayoral Campaign

The New Yorker has released a half-hour documentary film on YouTube that follows the 2021 mayoral campaign of Andrew Yang. Running in the highly competitive Democratic primary, Yang surged to an early lead that would gradually erode.

The documentary notes that voters generally became less concerned about a coronavirus economic reopening and instead focused on a spike in the crime rate. Yang struggled as the media that had initially propped him up turned against him, while former police officer Eric Adams surged ahead in most polls.

Yang was seemingly caught between two poles of the Democratic base, trying to simultaneously appeal to blue collar “law and order” voters and a more affluent, college educated “defund the police” crowd.

In the months following his defeat, Yang announced he was leaving the Democratic Party to create a new entity called the Forward Party that would be built around breaking through partisan bubbles, promoting electoral system reform and universal basic income.

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