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Press Release: Constitution Party Aims to Oust VP Cheney’s Daughter

The Constitution Party released the following statement Tuesday to its email subscribers urging its members to run for office and discussing the nomination for US Congress in Wyoming:

This is an exciting time, and it’s going to get even more interesting very soon!

Constitution Party members IN EVERY STATE are urged to run for office.

Liz Cheney, Wyoming’s lone member of Congress and the daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney, is out of favor with members of her own party.  She has now been censured by the Republican National Committee, which makes this truly a race in which the Constitution Party could be a contender in November.  This race already has nationwide attention and there is potential for great gain by the Constitution Party’s involvement in it!

The Constitution Party of Wyoming is now enjoying a most covetous spot in the limelight with two potential candidates.  Although he has not yet officially announced, Joe Shogrin of Cheyenne is making plans to run, and Marissa Selvig of Riverton and former mayor of Pavilion, has announced that she is seeking the Constitution Party’s nomination to challenge Cheney in the November General Election.

Both are highly qualified candidates, which is unusual for the Constitution Party to have two such individuals seeking the same high-profile, state-wide office.

Mr. Shogrin attended the party’s National Committee meeting in Fayetteville, North Carolina in October where he addressed the members of the national committee and shared his campaign plans. He is the Laramie County Contact Person for the Constitution Party and can be reached at

After campaigning for one year with the GOP, Mrs. Selvig left the Republican Party in late December to announce her switch to the Constitution Party and her intentions to seek the party’s nomination for Congress. All this has caused quite a stir of interest in this race. Selvig’s announcement to switch parties and seek the CP nomination was covered by the Casper Star-Tribune, the state’s premier source for news and information.  She can be reached at

With the growing distrust and dislike for both major parties, 2022 will offer an ideal opportunity for others to run for open seats in the State Senate, the State House, and other local, county and city offices, including school boards, on the Constitution Party ballot.

National polls show that over 60% of voters would welcome the rise of a new party and would be willing to vote for candidates of that party. We strongly urge our members to earnestly consider becoming a candidate to run for office this year.


  1. Jared Jared March 14, 2022

    I’m curious to know how many Constitution Party members these days are devout Trumpsters who feel the GOP isn’t Trumpy enough. I’m all for ousting neocons, but Republicans want her gone for her disloyalty to their orange messiah, not principally because she’s a warmonger and a social moderate. I doubt the CP has very different reasons.

  2. Traditionalist Traditionalist February 27, 2022

    She will be defeated in the primary and thankfully gone forever from congress and political office (hopefully, to be next seen in leg irons, but probably with a brief media career on leftist talk shows before that). However, it’s probably a good thing they are running, just in case.

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