Libertarians, Greens, & Level the Playing Field (formerly Americans Elect) file lawsuit against Comm. on Pres. Debates

Press Release via the Libertarian Party:

The Libertarian Party joined Level the Playing Field, the successor group to Americans Elect, and the Green Party to file a lawsuit aimed at the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a Democratic- and Republican-run agency that sets rules designed to exclude third parties and independents from presidential debates.… Read more ...

Jim Cook at Irregular Times investigates Americans Elect reemerging as Level the Playing Field

Jim Cook has been doing investigative reporting for the better part of a decade about Americans Elect and their previous incarnation as Unity ’08. In the last several days he has posted a trio of articles about the organization’s latest incarnation as Level the Playing Field:

Americans Elect returns as the Level the Playing Field Foundation (and Mystery Follows)

A tip of the pen to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, who broke the leading edge of this story:

Americans Elect is back.

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California disqualifies Americans Elect; 1787 for America winds down toward oblivion


Ballot Access News:

The California Secretary of State has determined that Americans Elect is no longer a qualified party in California. This is because it neither has enough registrations to qualify, nor did it poll 2% for any statewide race in the June 2014 primary. It did have a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Alan Reynolds, on the June 2014 ballot, but he polled 1.34%.

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Jim Cook: Americans Elect Corporate Leaders Ditched Populism Entirely to Support 2014 Private Equity Senate Candidate


Jim Cook at Irregular Times:

Last October, I noted the strong connection between Americans Elect corporate leadership and the 2014 Senate candidacy of private equity candidate Greg Orman through an entity called the Committee to Elect an Independent Senate, founded by Americans Elect CEO and private equity financier Peter Ackerman.… Read more ...

Level the Playing Field, the Organization that is Working for Better Presidential Debates, is the Successor of Americans Elect

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

As already noted, Level the Playing Field is the organization that has asked the Federal Election Commission to revise its rules for presidential general election debates. According to the law firm that is representing Level the Playing Field, LPF “is the successor to Americans Elect.”Read more ...

Jim Cook: Americans Elect Alums Gather Around Nick Troiano Campaign to Test New Method for Electing Pols

Jim Cook at Irregular Times (posted March 10):

Three days ago, the Independent Voter Network posted a piece in which it quoted Nick Troiano explaining why he is running for Congress:

Nick Troiano: Part of the reason I’m doing this is to prove a model that can be scaled to other congressional districts in 2016. I want to work with others who are embarking on a new endeavor to recruit, run, and support more independent-minded people. If we can elect around 30, such a group could control the balance of power in Congress…and force both parties to the middle where common ground could be found and the major challenges could be confronted.

I seem to have heard that idea before… but where?

Do you remember what Americans Elect lawyer Daniel Winslow said in October 2012 about the effort to pump $1.75 million in cash from three Wall Street tycoons into the Angus King’s campaign for Senate?… Read more ...

Former Youth Leader for Unity ’08 and Americans Elect Likely to be an Independent Candidate for U.S. House

Via Ballot Access News:

Nick Troiano, 24, has set up an exploratory committee for a possible independent race for U.S. House in Pennsylvania’s 10th district. He had been Unity ’08′s College Coordinator, and had been the Communications Manager for Americans Elect. His advisory committee for the congressional race includes Professor Charles Wheelan, a Dartmouth Professor who had advocated in favor of a new party called the Moderate Party.… Read more ...

Jim Cook: Americans Elect Leaders Stump for … Campaign Finance Reform?

What are the leaders of Americans Elect doing now?

Why, touting their participation in marches for “campaign finance reform” that use the name of the deceased “Granny D” (aka Doris Haddock), who walked across the country at the age of 90 to bring attention to the growing problem of big money in politics.… Read more ...

Jim Cook: Americans Elect Leader Starts Whispering about 2016 with Reference to Teddy Roosevelt

Jim Cook at Irreguar Times:

In the leadup to 2008 and 2012, the effort to elect a corporate presidential candidate through a privatized, corporate-controlled election began with a series of planted letters to the editor or op-ed pieces or TV interviews in which “opinion leaders” spoke of supposed “centrist” yearnings in the heartland and their discovery of the exciting new “grassroots” movement called Unity08 (in 2008) or Americans Elect (in 2012).… Read more ...

Jim Cook: More Shadow Americans Elect Activity in Maine? Group Paying Wachtel also Brings on Douglas Schoen

Mistler’s latest article takes a look at the Maine campaign finance filings of “Campaign for Maine,” an organization that is not a veteran group, but rather formed just last September. In November, its “campaign manager” Betsy Smith (apparently paid through Vision and Strategy LLC) explicitly declared the purpose of “Campaign for Maine”:

I’m so excited about his candidacy that I am leading an independent campaign effort to elect Cutler as our next governor.

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Jim Cook: Americans Elect Staffers Regroup to Meddle in Maine Politics Again

Jim Cook at Irregular Times:

As Richard Winger points out in his latest Ballot Access News, Americans Elect lost ballot status in California on December 31 2013, capping a year of drawn-out erosion in the official position of the corporate political party that tried to elect a “centrist” president but failed to find enough actual “centrist” people.… Read more ...

Americans Elect of Arizona to hold Public Organizational Convention on August 16th

Originally posted by Cody Quirk on the Independent American & Constitutional Review on August 7, 2013: 

AE of AZ logo

John Mealer, the State Chair of the Americans Elect of Arizona, has recently announced a organizational convention, which is to be held on the 16th of August.

The first portion of the convention will be held via phone conference at 10:00PM (EDT), anyone is welcome to call in, yet only those Arizonans who are registered to Americans Elect are allowed to participate in the convention itself.… Read more ...