Travis Irvine: Occupy What Street?

Video sent to IPR by Travis Irvine, 2010 Libertarian candidate for Congress from Ohio and professional videographer, takes a satirical look at the Occupy movement that is growing around the nation. Toward the end of the video, Irvine has an encounter with a man in a suit who claims to be some kind of authority figure and disputes his right to film or interview people:

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Libertarian Travis Irvine: ‘American Mayor’ movie trailer

Libertarian Travis Irvine has come out with a movie about his run for Mayor of Bexley, Ohio in 2007. Irvine is a professional videographer. His youtube channel for his 2010 Congressional run: IrvineForCongress.

Trailer for the movie, titled American Mayor (H/T Steven Linnabary in IPR comments):

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Libertarian Travis Irvine for Congress: Quiz Across America Video

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Libertarian Irvine polls 10%, releases video starring hyperactive “government grant guru”
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Libertarian Travis Irvine takes on Columbus Dispatch for exclusionary policies and coverage

Columbus, OH – September 1, 2010 – Libertarian candidate Travis Irvine was excluded from a private editorial board meeting concerning the U.S. Congressional race in Ohio’s 12th District, which was held by various staff of The Columbus Dispatch and included Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi and Democrat challenger Paula Brooks on Monday.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Monday Message: Travis Irvine’s Quiz Across America video

Wes Benedict writes,

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Today is my birthday! I’ve already received a great gift in the form of a video from the Travis Irvine for Congress campaign. (Actually I’m not sure they intended it as a gift, but I’m pleased all the same.)

The video shows the candidate volunteering for the Quiz Across America door hanger project in his neighborhood and interacting with voters.… Read more ...

Libertarian Travis Irvine calls out incumbent, releases new video

Libertarian Party blog:

From Irvine for Congress:

The Irvine for Congress campaign evidently struck a nerve when it released its new web video this week, "The Kiss of Debt," and called out Rep. Pat Tiberi for his hypocrisy in attacking Democrats for the same fiscal irresponsibility he and his Republican colleagues practiced when they controlled Congress.

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