Arkansas Libertarians File Lawsuit Against New Ballot Access Restriction, Receive Newspaper Coverage

Help keep the Libertarian Party on the Arkansas ballot in 2020!

Once again, the Libertarian Party of Arkansas will have to collect petition signatures to become a “new” political party in 2020. The state’s election laws put obstacles in our way, but we are committed to growing the party’s influence as a clear voice of Liberty in Arkansas politics.

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Jim: Libertarians set new third party record for ballot access coming out of 2018 midterm

Another infographic from Jim from his dataset at illustrates the new record Libertarians set for alternative (“third”) party ballot access coming out of 2018 midterm:

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Jim: comparing voter registration trends of current nationally organized third parties in the US since 1970

Good news for Libertarian Party from 2018 election

Comparing Qualified Party Status for Libertarian, Green and Constitution Parties, Relative to Four Years Ago more ...

Comparing Qualified Party Status for Libertarian, Green and Constitution Parties, Relative to Four Years Ago

Ballot Access News reports:

Libertarian Party: compared to the day after the November 2014 election, has gained qualified status in D.C., Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, and Oklahoma. Compared to November 2014, it has lost status in Alaska, Maryland, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. In Alaska, it only got 1.84% for Governor, and 3% was required.

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Independent Arkansas on how Libertarians can maintain ballot access blog:

Mark West

If the 2018 gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party of Arkansas receives at least 3 percent of the vote, the party will retain ballot access for the first time in its history. An Aug. 2 article by Independent Arkansas highlights the campaign of Mark West, a potential LPAR candidate for governor in 2018, and explains the importance of that percentage threshold.… Read more ...

Nine Constitutional Ballot Access Cases Pending in U.S. Courts of Appeals

Ballot Access News:

At least nine constitutional ballot access cases are pending in various U.S. Courts of Appeals around the nation. Here is a brief status summary:

1. The Eleventh Circuit has all the briefs in Hall v Merrill, 16-16766. The issue is whether Alabama can require a petition of 3% of the last gubernatorial vote in special elections for U.S.… Read more ...

U.S. District Court Sets May 19 Oral Argument in Kentucky Ballot Access Case

judgeFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

U.S. District Court Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove will hear oral argument in Libertarian Party of Kentucky v Grimes, 3:15cv-86, on Thursday, May 19, at 11 a.m. in the federal courthouse in Frankfort, Kentucky. Case number 3:15cv-86. The Constitution Party is a co-plaintiff.

The issue is Kentucky’s failure to have a procedure by which a previously unqualified party can become a qualified party, in advance of an election.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: U.S. District Court Judge Denies Injunctive Relief to Maine Libertarian Party; Reserves Judgment on Declaratory Relief

LPME-header-logo_small_1From Ballot Access News, read the original here. Earlier articles on this suit can be found on IPR here and here.

On April 25, U.S. District Court Judge John A. Woodcock denied injunctive relief to the Maine Libertarian Party, in its ballot access lawsuit to become a qualified party in Maine.… Read more ...

Federal judge refuses to stop discriminatory ballot access law in Arkansas; earliest deadline ever remains in place for Libertarians to nominate

A federal judge on Thursday denied the Arkansas Libertarian Party’s request for a preliminary injunction that would allow the party to add or substitute nominees for inclusion on ballots for the Nov. 8 general election. […]

[Judge] Moody said that one of the four considerations in deciding whether to grant a preliminary injunction is the plaintiffs’ likelihood of succeeding on the merits of the case.

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Marc Kilmer: Why Does Arkansas Continue Handicapping Third Parties?

From Marc Kilmer at The Arkansas Project:

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas is suing the state over new requirements for selecting candidates in 2016. The party contends that the state’s requirement to name their nominees over a year before the election harms their electoral efforts.

I don’t know about the specific merits of this case.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Arkansas Sues State Over Early Primary, Says Unfair to Third Parties and Independents


From Libertarian Party of Arkansas Press Release:

For Immediate Release-October 14, 2015
Location-Little Rock, AR

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas has filed in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas Western Division, and will be seeking immediate injunctive relief to allow for more time to nominate candidates for the 2016 election cycle.… Read more ...

Bob Johnston and Carla Howell: Okla. Ballot Access Signature Requirement Comes Down From Stratosphere

Libertarian PartyFrom LP News, September 2015 (Volume 45, Issue 3, page 6)

While Oklahoma still has the strictest petitioning requirement in the nation for a presidential candidate not running as a Democrat or Republican, the signature requirement was dramatically reduced in May when Gov. Fallin signed Bill 2181 into law.

The bill lowered the number of signatures required for newly qualifying parties from 5 percent of the gubernatorial vote (which, for 2016, would have been 41,188 signatures) to 3 percent (24,712 signatures).… Read more ...