Online Survey: Should the Justice Party Endorse Bernie Sanders?

From the Justice Party website:

In the field of presidential candidates, there is one who is in alignment with most of the Justice Party’s platform, and who is certainly addressing our mission of Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice: Bernie Sanders. From Iowa to Hew Hampshire through Super Tuesday and beyond, Democratic voters will be deciding whether to continue supporting politics as usual, or whether they will select an Independent to lead their party.… Read more ...

Glenn Davis: Justice Party Believes It Can Change American Politics through Social Movement

From Glenn Davis at the Independent Voter Network:

The Justice Party shares its lofty ideals with many other third parties and progressive movements. Similar rhetoric is even put forth by Democrats and Republicans. So what makes the Justice Party different?

According to Jonathan Ruga, chairman of the Justice Party’s National Steering Committee, one of the key differences is the lack of exclusivity.… Read more ...

Rocky Anderson Speaks in SLC: NSA, CPD Lawsuit, Justice Party updates

rocky anderson

Rocky Anderson, 2012 Justice Party candidate for POTUS, Salt Lake City Utah mayor (2000 to 2008) and current co-lead council for the “Our America Initiative coordinated” lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates (see below) spoke at the River Sky Revival event in Salt Lake City on Saturday evening, February 21st.… Read more ...

Justice Party: ‘A New President Obama?’

Listening to President Obama’s state of the union speech and his recent proposals, you might wonder where this President was for the past six years. We hear calls for free tuition for community college students and support for Net Neutrality. Obama vows to veto the Keystone XL Pipeline and promises joint action with China on climate change.… Read more ...

Justice Party: President Obama Should Veto the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill


From the Justice Party website:

Last Thursday the Republican-controlled Senate passed a bill (53 Republicans and 9 Democrats in favor) permitting the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. The proposed pipeline would be almost 1,200 miles long, beginning in Canada and weaving through Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska to connect with existing pipelines to the Texas Gulf coast.… Read more ...

Justice Party: Recent Events in Ferguson, Missouri

This has been prominently featured on the Justice Party website since August, but I am not finding a record of IPR having posted it before.

The Justice Party stands in solidarity with the people in Ferguson, Missouri who are protesting the killing of Michael Brown. We call on all members of the Justice Party and all Americans to protest the spectrum of inequities — including the ultimate price, in this case paid by Michael Brown — perpetrated against minority youth in our country.… Read more ...

Justice Party’s Position on the Current Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

The Justice Party of America vehemently opposes the recent bombing and ground invasion of Gaza by the Israeli military. We support an immediate withdrawal of Israel’s ground forces from Gaza and a ceasefire by both Hamas and Israel, and we call on both governments to seek diplomatic solutions to the ongoing conflict whose primary victims have been — and will undoubtedly continue to be — unarmed citizens, mostly Palestinians.… Read more ...

Michael Creekmore Announces Intent to Run for Mayor of Orlando as Justice Party Candidate


(The following was sent to me from Michael Creekmore. Creekmore is a young Justice Party activist from Orlando, Florida.)

My name is Michael Creekmore. I would like to announce that I am that I am going to run for mayor of Orlando, Florida as a member of the Justice Party. I want help get homeless people off the streets.Read more ...

Justice Party of Pennsylvania State Leadership Planning Meeting


(The following was posted in a Justice Party group on Facebook)

Saturday May 3, 2014 EDT

Bolser Memorial Library 158 W. High Street, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013

Join the Justice Party of PA steering committee for their annual leadership planning meeting and take part in setting the party’s direction and goals for the coming year.… Read more ...

Justice Party: Stop the TPP Issue Call

Learn about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), why the deal should be stopped, and what you can do to help…

Saturday, 1.25.14
9 AM PT / 10 MT /
11 CT / 12 PM ET

Featuring four experts in the fields of economic, social, and environmental justice, followed by a Q&A:

Arthur Stamoulis is executive director of Citizens Trade Campaign, a national coalition of labor, environmental, family farm, consumer and human rights organizations leading the fight against the TPP in the United States.… Read more ...