Libertarian Party blog: Scott Brown supports jobs bill; Joe Kennedy would not have

LP blog:

We learned today that the new Republican senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, plans to vote with Democrats in favor of a big-government jobs bill. It’s too bad Massachusetts voters missed the opportunity to elect Libertarian Joe Kennedy.

Before the election, many people were demanding that Joe Kennedy drop out of the race.… Read more ...

Massachusetts Republicans want Joe Kennedy to switch to their party and run for Secretary of State

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Massachusetts Republicans are asking Joe Kennedy to join the GOP and run for Secretary of State. This is from Red Mass Group, the main blog for MA Republicans.

Dear Joe Kennedy, Please Run for Secretary of State… Read more ...

Libertarian Party blog: Joe Kennedy talks about Massachusetts election

In this Dedham Transcript article, Joe Kennedy discusses the election, his opponents, and those who demanded that he drop out.

Detailed election results are available here.

The Libertarian Party congratulates Joe on his run. Visit his campaign website.

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Joe Kennedy For SenateRead more ...

Ballot Access posts debriefing on Joe Kennedy campaign

from Ballot Access News
Massachusetts Senate Results

January 19th, 2010

At the point at which 94% of the vote had been counted in the special U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, the vote was: 1,148,400 for the Republican nominee; 1,029,600 for the Democratic nominee; 22,100 for the Libertarian who was running as an independent candidate.

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Kn@ppster endorses Joe Kennedy, covers election

Posted by Tom Knapp at Kn@ppster:

Liberty for Massachusetts? Unlikely, but worth pursuing anyway

I’m taking a break — just finished another 100 name/phone number matches for the Massachusetts Libertarian “Get Out The Vote” phone banks — and I’d like to take a minute to formally endorse Joe Kennedy.

He’s not one of “those” Kennedys, as he’s gone out of his way to make clear (Democrat Martha Coakley’s campaign has also been vocal in driving home that point, for obvious reasons).… Read more ...

Grassroots Joe Kennedy supporters offer opinions on Scott Brown, Democrats at Boston Obama/Coakley rally

Warning: some cursing.

As far as we know the opinions are offered are only those of the people talking and have not been cleared with any campaign. In this youtube clip, supporters of Joe Kennedy offer their take on Big Government Republican Scott Brown and Big Government Democrat Martha Coakley at the Obama / Coakley rally at Northeastern University, Boston MA:

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Joe Kennedy For SenateRead more ...

Joe Kennedy Independent Candidate for US Senate, Recent TV Appearances

Joe Kennedy’s Second Televised Debate, 1/11/2010,

Joe Kennedy on Neil Cavuto 01/12/2010:

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Fox News reports on Massachusetts showdown featuring Independent Libertarian Joe Kennedy

Excerpt from a Fox News story aout Joe Kennedy. This story made it to #1 on all of Google News, and as of this writing is still #1 for search term “Libertarian.”

Kennedy has come under pressure — he said he’s received five death threats — to withdraw because of his potential spoiler role.… Read more ...