Libertarian Party: Chuck Moulton Elected as Judicial Committee Chair

13177215_10154154527882726_5080032156295890667_nFrom the LNC Business List:

Dear Alicia Mattson,
Please post this message online on the LNC Business list:
Alicia Dearn (the highest vote getter in convention) served as interim chair of the Judicial Committee until we elected a permanent chair.

Chuck Moulton has unanimously been elected permanent chair of the Judicial Committee by email ballot (Moulton – 7, NOTA – 0).… Read more ...

Results from the Libertarian Party’s Vote for the Judicial Committee Announced-Updated

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Only three people received enough votes to be on the committee. They are: Alicia Dearn 216 votes – 59.178 %, Gary Johnson of Texas 193 votes – 5/2.877 %, and Chuck Moulton 184 votes – 50.411 %.

From secretary Alicia Mattson:

To LNC (cc: JC candidates),
National conventions create a special kind of exhaustion for those working the whole time.

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Libertarian Party History: Original Purpose of Judicial Committee


This is taken from a post in the Libertarian Party History Group on Facebook from D. Frank Robinson:

Original Intended Purpose for the LP Judicial Committee

As Chair of the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules Committee at the Denver convention in 1972, I claim credit and culpability for the Judicial Committee in the original Bylaws.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party Clarification of our September 2015 Ruling February 20, 2016

LP-OregonJudicial Committee of the Libertarian Party Clarification of our September 2015 Ruling February 20, 2016

All six of the questions asked in Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Request for Clarification of our 2015 ruling turn on two more fundamental questions: a) Did Wes Wagner have the power to cancel the May 21, 2011 meeting of the LPO convention, which had been called by the convention itself?… Read more ...

Libertarian Judicial Committee and Libertarian Party of Oregon: M. Carling States that Interested Parties Have Seven Days to Respond to Recent Request for Clarification

Oregon_LP_Logo_2010From the LNC Votes Email list:

The Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party has received the request for clarification attached below. In 2011, the Judicial Committee granted all interested parties the opportunity to submit comments regarding a similar request for clarification and we will do the same this time. So far this term, the Judicial Committee has decided to meet by teleconference rather than in person and to accept submissions in writing rather than orally.

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Ian Epstein of Libertarian Party of Oregon PAC Asks for Clarification of August’s Judicial Committee Ruling

It appears that the PAC called the Libertarian Party of Oregon still wants to become the Libertarian Party of Oregon political party affiliate as opposed to being a PAC.

The following letter has been sent to M Carling:

memorandumJudComm Clarification Request (1)

Carling promises a response, and we will update the article when we receive that response.… Read more ...

UPDATED: Libertarian Party Judicial Committee Issues Majority, Minority, and Concurring Opinions on Libertarian Party of Oregon Dispute

LP-OregonYesterday, we posted draft opinions obtained regarding the opinions issued by the Libertarian Party Judicial Committee on its Reconsideration of its ruling in the matter of Wes Wagner vs. the Libertarian National Committee. Links to the pdfs of those draft opinions are preserved at the end of this article. The final documents (including Minutes) were issued today and are reproduced here.… Read more ...

LP Judicial Committee Meets Tomorrow to Reconsider Prior JC Decision re Oregon Affiliate; Carling Will Not Recuse Himself

LP Oregon

The Libertarian Party’s Judicial Committee meets tomorrow in a virtual meeting to discuss whether they will overturn the prior Judicial Committee’s decision from 2011 regarding the ongoing, complicated matter of who the legitimate affiliate for the Oregon LP is.

IPR has written at length about the dispute, and the reader can learn about the 2011 events from this article.Read more ...

Appeal on Oregon Libertarian “constructive disaffiliation” filed with Libertarian National Judicial Committee

The LP Oregon group which is not currently recognized by the State of Oregon for the purpose of placing candidates on the ballot or by LPHQ (formerly the “Reeves Group,” now chaired by Ian Epstein and operating as Oregon PAC 16869) has filed an appeal of what it calls its “constructive disaffiliation” with the LP National Judicial Committee, chaired by M Carling, a plaintiff on their side of the lawsuit which they are currently appealing in Oregon state courts.… Read more ...

Unrecognized LP Oregon Faction Appeals to Its Own Judicial Committee; Members Associated With Lawsuit Do Not Recuse Themselves

On May 16, 2013, A Motion for Summary Judgement was presented to Judge Henry Breithaupt of Clackamas County Courthouse. This was regarding the ongoing lawsuit between two factions of the Libertarian Party of Oregon, each of whom claim they are the current state officers. On May 21, the judge rendered his decision, granting the defendants’ request to dismiss the lawsuit.… Read more ...

Tom Stevens Falsely Claims Ken Krawchuk, LPPA Secretary, Indicted By Judicial Committee

Published on Tom Stevens’ blog, Liberty Lion on May 8th:

Ken Krawchuk, the current Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, published a list of Board Members after the Board of Directors Meeting held on April 13, 2013 specifically excluding Dr. Tom Stevens, Immediate Past Chair, a voting member of the Board of Directors.… Read more ...

Tom Stevens: LPPA Judicial Committee Blasts The New Voting Disorder In The Post-Stevens Era

The following was posted on May 7th on Dr. Tom Stevens’ blog, Liberty Lion: 


The Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania issued a unanimous decision on May 7, 2013 in which, in dicta, it blasted the new current voting disorder brought about through the procedures set up by the Board of Directors at a four and a half hour meeting held on April 13, 2013.… Read more ...