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Secretary of State certifies Ohio Libertarians as a minor party

via LNC list:

Harold Thomas, the LP Ohio state Chair, just reported that the Ohio
Secretary of State has recognized the LP as a minor party. A letter
was sent from the state’s general counsel a few minutes ago confirming
that 60,294 valid signatures are recognized.

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Libertarian Party amicus brief mentioned in SCOTUSblog article on Ohio voter purge case

Nicholas Sarwark to LNC list:

Subject: [Lnc-votes] [Lnc-business] Our amicus brief was mentioned in the SCOTUSblog article on the Ohio case

“The Libertarian National Committee suggests that Ohio’s rule also disproportionately affects voters who do not support the two major political parties.

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Via and email:

Dear Libertarian,

As you know, the Libertarian Party is determined to achieve full ballot access again in 2018 so that there will be Libertarian candidates on every ballot in America in November.… Read more ...