Red Phillips: Steve Stockman on the Issues

Red Phillips at Conservative Heritage Times:

As I reported below, an effort to draft Steve Stockman to run for President, likely as the Constitution Party nominee, has sprung up on Facebook. Here is a brief look at some info I have found on Stockman on the issues that matter, meaning the issues that would distinguish him from the rest of the conservative pack.… Read more ...

Red Phillips Article on New American Eagle Party

From IPR Contributor Red Phillips at Conservative Heritage Times:

American Eagle Party Forms from the Remnants (?) of A3P/American Freedom Party

For those who are unaware, the American Third Position party was a pro-white third party that formed a few years back. I said at the time that that was a really bad choice for a name for a rightist American party and that it wouldn’t thrive.… Read more ...

Red Phillips: Who Should I Write-in in 2016 Presidential Polls?

The following was posted on the Conservative Heritage Times website. Red Phillips is a contributor here at IPR.

August 21, 2013


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OK, so the 2016 polls are starting to appear in my inbox and as pop-up ads, etc.

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Red Phillips: Rand Paul’s Sell-Out is Absolutely Undeniably Complete

Red Phillips is a longtime IPR contributor. The following was published on his blog, Conservative Heritage Times.

July 12, 2013

The Jack Hunter fiasco fall-out continues. Now it has completely finished off Rand Paul as well. Someone please give Rand a Testosterone injection.  He is clearly running low. For those who have argued that Rand Paul was just making rhetorical concessions as part of “playing the game” but was still stealthily one of us, I thought that argument lost credibility when

1) he babbled PC platitudes before a Howard University audience, or

2) spouted PC immigration boosterism before a Hispanic organization, or

3) offered Israel a security guarantee to placate the neocons (You see how well that worked out don’t you?)… Read more ...

Red Phillips: The “Libertarian” Cato Institute Defends NSA Snooping?

Published June 17, 2013 on The Conservative Heritage Times website. Red Phillips is an IPR contributor and paleoconservative activist and writer. 

You can’t make this stuff up.

The defense of the NSA program by these two authors is of particular note because of the authors’ affiliation with the Cato Institute that describes itself as “dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace” and having a “strict respect for civil liberties and skepticism about the benefits of both the welfare state and foreign military adventurism.”

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Red Phillips: What to Watch for When Virgil Goode Debates Tonight

Red Phillips at Conservative Heritage Times:

Here is what I will be watching for when Virgil Goode debates tonight. Does he style himself as a mainstreamish candidate who was disgruntled with his ex-party and happened to capture the nomination of a third party, or does he style himself as the spokesman of his new party carrying the Constitutionalist banner even when doing so will force him to take unpopular positions?… Read more ...

Red Phillips: Does Joel McDurmon Disagree With His Boss (Gary DeMar) on Third Parties

Found on

I don’t know that much about the structure of American Vision, but I assume I am correct to call Gary DeMar Joel McDurmon’s boss.

Anyway, Gary DeMar recently wrote a tired apologia attempting to make the case for why Christian conservatives should vote for Bankster/War Party Candidate B so that Bankster/War Party Candidate A won’t get another term.… Read more ...

Red Phillips: Ron Paul-To Run Third Party or Not to Run Third Party

Ron Paul: to Run Third Party or Not to Run Third Party

As it is now clear that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee, chatter has intensified about what Ron Paul and his supporters should do. For a representative sample, here is a recent article from Justin Raimondo urging Ron Paul to run third party.… Read more ...

Paleocon Red Phillips Discusses Potential Libertarians for President

Posted by Red Phillips at Conservative Heritage Times. Although Phillips also writes for IPR, I (Paulie) am posting it here to make it clear that any opinions expressed are those of Phillips, not an IPR editorial. As with many other stories I post, I am posting it for the sake of discussion, not necessarily because I agree with the author.Read more ...

Mark West: ‘Alyssa Milano, Red MAGA Hats Are Not KKK Hoods’

Covington Catholic

By Mark West; Author ran as the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arkansas in 2018

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano’s tweet during the aftermath of the National Mall stare down has drawn fire from right-wing critics. She equivocated wearing red MAGA hats with wearing Klu Klux Klan hoods. As of yet, Milano has refused to apologize and instead doubled-down.… Read more ...

John Phillips: LNC Update

LNC Region 6 Rep John Phillips summarizes this weekend’s LNC meeting (via FB):

1. We passed a balanced budget after much wrangling. Pretty well every section of the budget had to take a big hit. Hence my recent push for membership and donations.

1A) We all argued and wrangled, but special thanks to Joe Bishop-Henchman and Richard Longstreth for their efforts in making it happen.… Read more ...

Green Party Annual Meeting Highlights – Stein Blames Neo-Liberals; US House Socialist Candidate Cheered

Dr. Jill Stein gives opening night keynote to Green Party Annual Meeting, Friday, 20 July 2018. Post Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Photo by Joe Buchman.

2012 and 2016 Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein gave the opening keynote at the Annual Meeting of the Green Party of the United States held on the campus of the University of Utah July 20 to 22. … Read more ...