Joan Barron: The Third-Party Struggle

Excerpt from an article in the Casper Star-Tribune:

Don Wills of Laramie County, the chairman of the Country Party and a former chairman of he Libertarian Party, said in an e-mail that the Country Party is not a qualified minor party any more because of the “exclusionary election laws that the Legislature refuses to change.… Read more ...

A Report on the Recent Constitution Party National Committee Meeting

From Gary Odom:

By every measure…attendence…energy and enthusiasm….reception for the speakers….and simply in terms of overall accomplishment…the Spring 2011 Constitution Party National Committee Meeting and Conference in Harrisburg was considered a major triumph!  Many said it was the best they ever attended, though travel for many of the members coming from the South and Midwest got off to a very rocky start due to storms across much those parts of the country.
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Robert Owens to Address Constitution Party National Committee Meeting

From Gary Odom:

One thing that was clearly demonstrated by the 2010 election campaign is that the Constitution Party is developing a number bona fide “stars” of its own. Whether they were first timers, like the remarkable Chelene Nightingale of California, or the indefatigable Bernie De Castro of Florida; those with some previous electoral experience, such as Utah’s Scott Bradley or Oregon’s marvelous Mary Starrett; or veteran campaigners like Nevada’s favorite daughter, Janine Hansen, the Constitution Party showed that it has a large and growing number first rate candidates, of whom these are but a small sampling, who not only do an outstanding job of representing the Constitution Party, but who are clearly ready for “Prime time.”… Read more ...

Wyoming Third Parties Show Growth, Discord

Third party candidates often do well in areas where one major party is substantially weaker than its rival. One can list numerous examples of this phenomenom: Minneapolis,  San Francisco, parts of Massachusetts, rural Nevada, and Rhode Island among others. Other areas, like Democratic Hawaii, have not yet reached this point. However, Wyoming may be the newest member of this club.… Read more ...

Constitution Party 2010 Election Highlights

by Gary Odom
National Field Director

2010 Election
Brings Victories and Near Misses; Highlights
Progress And Reveals Challenges As The
Constitution Party Looks To The Future
Congratulations To Nevada…Again! 
In 2006, the Independent American Party, the Constitution Party’s state affiliate in Nevada elected two of its candidates to office.  This year it doubled up and elected four:three who were elected for the first time and one who who re-elected.
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Write-in Candidate for Wyoming Governor Appears to Have Received 8.5% of Total Vote

Ballot Access News:

Taylor Haynes, write-in candidate for Governor of Wyoming, appears to have received write-ins equal to 8.5% of the total vote cast. He has requested that the state tally his write-ins, so we should get a precise figure in a few weeks. He is a well-known conservative rancher with strong ties to the Constitution Party.… Read more ...

Wyoming Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Fails to Qualify

Ballot Access News:

Taylor Haynes, who would have been the first independent candidate on the ballot for Wyoming Governor since 1958 if he had qualified this year, did not qualify. He was unable to obtain the needed 4,988 valid signatures. This is the second petition failure in Wyoming this year.… Read more ...

Wyoming: First Independent Gubernatorial Candidate in 52 Years Endorsed by Constitution Party


From Wyoming News:

Cheyenne rancher and retired surgeon Taylor Haynes is confident that his name will appear on the Nov. 2 ballot as an independent candidate for Wyoming governor.

Haynes planned to turn in a petition with nearly 7,000 signatures Monday. He needs 4,988 names to meet the requirements for an independent nomination.

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