Tony Hall statement on “sanctuary city” policy

Emailed to IPR:

Last week’s San Francisco Bay Guardian forum revealed that despite a diversity of opinion among San Franciscans, every single candidate at the forum agreed that not only do they support “sanctuary city” policies – every candidate agreed that they will reverse Gavin Newsom’s decision to report undocumented immigrant felons to federal authorities.… Read more ...

Tony Hall: “I’m Ready to Clean Up City Hall”

Email to IPR from the campaign of Tony Hall, independent for Mayor of San Francisco:

New Tony Hall Ads: “I’m Ready to Clean Up City Hall”

New cable ads target City Hall deals, weak Lee/Adachi pension reform measures

Tony Hall’s mayoral campaign announced the release of two new television ads running on cable news stations through Election Day.… Read more ...

SF Indep. Mayoral Candidate Tony Hall Responds to Opponent’s call for New Taxes

Media release from the Tony Hall for Mayor (San Francisco CA) campaign:

May 19, 2011
For Immediate Release
Contact: James Fisfis

My response to Dennis Herrera’s call for a “21st Century Revolt” for new taxes
by Tony Hall – 3 Comments
Posted on May 19th, 2011 6:00 pm

I was recently referred to my colleague Dennis Herrera’s blog post arguing that San Francisco City Hall should be able to push for its own additional local personal income tax.… Read more ...

Fuzzy Math in Tony Hall’s Path To San Francisco Mayor

San Francisco is famous for its left-wing politics. So how does a Tony Hall, a moderate/conservative/libertarianish candidate eke out a win in the city’s mayoral contest?

Many races in San Francisco become pitched battles between moderates and progressives, sometimes contributing to a theme of ‘establishment’ versus insurgent. Hall seems to be angling primarily for insurgent status, creating a David versus Goliath situation to rally voters to his cause.… Read more ...

Tony Wilsdon: $15 Moves to Center Stage of U.S. Politics

From Tony Wilsdon at the Socialist Alternative website:

The demand for a $15 minimum wage continues to surge forward as a concrete answer to one of the central issues driving U.S. politics – income inequality.

Not only has Los Angeles joined Seattle and San Francisco in passing $15 an hour ordinances, but politician in other cities like St Louis, New York City and Philadelphia are starting to feel the ground moving under their feet.… Read more ...

Socialist Alternative: Justice for Tony Robinson

From George Martin Fell Brown at the Socialist Alternative website:

On the evening of Friday, March 6, Tony Robinson, an unarmed, black 19-year-old, was killed in his own home by Madison police officer Matt Kenny. He was shot five times. Robinson has joined the ranks of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Dontre Hamilton, and other victims of racist police violence.… Read more ...

NYC Councilman Dan Halloran Arrested

The New York Post, Yahoo News and The New York Times are among the news outlets reporting that NYC Councilman Halloran was arrested this morning in a bribery plot. Allegedly, Halloran accepted a $7,500 bribe from an informant to get his support for State Senator Malcolm A. Smith, a Queens Democrat who rose to become the first black president of the State Senate, to enter the Republican primary for mayor, which requires the approval of a majority of the Republican leadership in NYC.… Read more ...

Independent candidate for Mayor of San Francisco endorsed by Republican Party

Press release from Tony Hall, independent candidate for Mayor of San Francisco, sent to IPR:

I wish to thank the San Francisco Republican Party for their endorsement. “The SF Republican Party has endorsed Tony Hall for Mayor in the upcoming November 8th election. Tony has the experience, independence, and no-nonsense style needed to address the many tough issues San Francisco faces, particularly job creation and fiscal issues, such as pension reform.”

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Independent candidate for mayor of San Francisco announces campaign director

Sent to by the Tony Hall for mayor campaign:

Tony Hall announced that he has hired San Francisco-based consultant James Fisfis to direct his campaign for mayor of San Francisco.

James Fisfis, President of Chariot LLC, has been an advisor to dozens of political campaigns in California, Nevada and overseas since 1999, most recently as a senior advisor, pollster and communications director to former Congressman Tom Campbell’s statewide campaign efforts.  … Read more ...

Bruce Dixon, Hawkins Campaign Co-Chair, Editor of Black Agenda Report, Dies

Above: Bruce Dixon speaking at the March on the Pentagon, October 2018.

Note: Below is a tribute to Bruce Dixon, the co-chair of the Howie Hawkins 2020 Campaign who was a long-time activist and political commentator, upon his death. Bruce died last week and his loss is significant to many of us.… Read more ...

Sign On: Greens And Allies Urge Howie Hawkins To Seek Presidential Nomination

Above photo Howie Hawkins, by Paul Bukowski, Albany Times Union.

Posted By Kevin Zeese

Draft Howie Hawkins to Run for the Green Party 2020 Presidential Nomination

We urge Howie Hawkins to seek the Green Party of the United States nomination for president. The 2020 election is going to be a challenging campaign that requires someone with the breadth of experience and understanding that Howie has shown throughout a lifetime of political activism.Read more ...

Green Party Stands In Solidarity With Los Angeles Teachers Union

The Green Party of the United States stands in solidarity with the Los Angeles Teachers Union in their strike demands, including lowering class size and retaining/hiring essential support staff such as nurses, counselors, and librarians. We oppose education policies seeking to privatize public schools and bust unions and join with teachers to advocate for living wages for all workers.… Read more ...