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Phillies: Is the Sparks LP National Convention Valid?

It is clear that the Mises Caucus and their allies, agents, and useful idiots on the Libertarian National Committee and the various other LP committees have used whatever powers they have to stack the deck.

Actions were taken in violation of the National Party Bylaws that cannot be reversed and that make it impossible for LP candidates to campaign effectively.… Read more ...

George Phillies: How to Fix the LNC

Over the past few years, our party has struggled with the differences between advocates of developing tools for ballot access and advocates of growing the party by showing our practical successes.

In Pennsylvania, we made huge strides in membership and donation growth by demonstrating our strong focus on electing partisan Libertarians to office, by showing that we can work with non-Libertarian town council members to move public policy in a Libertarian direction, by showing we can watch where the money is spent, and by serving as a check in the credibility of our electoral process.… Read more ...

‘Tragic Prelude,’ a mural painted by John Steuart Curry, depicts John Brown’s role in ‘Bleeding Kansas,’ with the bloodshed, fire and tornado hinting at the coming Civil War.

George Phillies: January 6, 2021 – Our John Brown Moment?

Let us return to the unfortunate dead days of 1840-1860, the days leading up to the Civil War. The United States had two political parties, the Democrats and – toward the end fading out of existence – the Whigs. We had a series of Presidents, most mediocre.

At the start of the period, each party had a northern and a southern wing, the two wings being not wildly different in strength.… Read more ...