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Liveblog – Libertarian Party of Tennessee (and NH? Other States?) 1/11/20

I’m at the 2020 Tennesee Libertarian state convention and as usual when I am at these things will attempt to liveblog in the comments. Getting here late so I missed some of the early parts of the schedule posted above but will piece things together as best I can. If anyone can add additional comments, links to photos or video or coverage anywhere else please join me in the comments.… Read more ...

Holiday message from Vermin Supreme, Libertarian for President: ‘I dream of a world of holidays without cages’

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I dream of a world of holidays without cages.

As we hit Christmas, I am reminded of those in cages who are not allowed to enjoy the most basic of freedoms. Tonight we think about all of you, and shed a tear that you cannot be with your families.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Denounces NY Campaign Finance Commission

Libertarian Party of New York
Facebook: Libertarian Party of New York
Twitter: @thelpny
Instagram: @LPNewYorkState

News Release

Contact: Kari Bittner
Public Engagement Team Chairman, LPNY
Date: November 26, 2019


Libertarian Party Denounces NY Campaign Finance Commission

BATAVIA, New York, November 26, 2019 – Yesterday, the New York Campaign Finance Commission voted to raise the threshold for political parties to gain ballot access.

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Marc Montoni: ‘Libertarians: Decriminalize Sex Work’

By Marc Montoni at Free Virginia:

Larimer County Cops?

In Larimer County, CO, this year, over 300 men have been arrested for attempting to have voluntary sex.  Here’s what the cops and their media parrots said about one week’s haul: “An operation to help reduce the demand for human trafficking in Larimer County led to the arrest of eight men who are accused of patronizing prostitutes.”… Read more ...

Howie Hawkins and His Campaign Team Answer Questions from Independent Political Report

Note from Paulie: My apologies, we’ve been sitting on this one for quite a while. The big hangup has been inserting the photos that were sent along with the interview. I decided after all this time to go ahead and at least publish the text portion of the interview and hopefully will still insert the photos later.Read more ...

October 2019 Open Thread

Welcome to October.

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Marc Montoni: ‘The Power of One Libertarian’

By Marc Montoni


Roy Scherer is only one man, but he accomplished some rather incredible things.  Medical marijuana was just one of Roy’s signature accomplishments: Virginia was the first state with it!

Roy convinced enough members of the Virginia General Assembly to liberalize the law in the late seventies — long before the California initiative that addressed the issue there in the nineties.… Read more ...

September 2019 Open Thread

The Democrats and Republicans. What can you say? There’s the Republicans:

Then there’s the Democrats, as reported in the Onion (more accurate than the “serious” mainstream media news networks):

“EMPORIA, KS—Unveiling the new nationwide messaging strategy after six months of planning and research, the Democratic Party launched its “Listen Up, Hayseeds” campaign Monday to win over rural voters.

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Former MTCP Chairman J. R. Myers: ‘Montana Constitution Party Latest Casualty of CP Implosion’

JR Myers at A3PR:

More fallout continues within the Constitution Party due to recent events at the NCM meeting in Milwaukee.  After concluding a successful convention in Helena, MT on May 4, the MTCP has disbanded less than two weeks later.  This was a direct result of the ongoing controversy within the National CP.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Arkansas 2019 convention liveblog

I’m here on the ground and the liveblog, as usual, will be in the comments. As always others are welcome and encouraged to join me in covering the convention. There are probably other state LP conventions in other states this weekend; I don’t know off hand which states but if someone wants to provide updates from any such conventions feel free to use this thread or make or request your own.… Read more ...

Steven Nekhaila running for Libertarian Party of Florida chair

Last week I reported that Jon-luc Tesky is running for LPF chair. There is at least one other candidate, current LPF treasurer and LNC region rep Steven Nekhaila (via FB):

A question I get asked often is, Steven, if you are elected Chairman who will serve as Treasurer?

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Jon-Luc Tesky running for Libertarian Party of Florida chair

Jon-Luc Tesky via FB:

Today April 1, 2019, I announce my candidacy for Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. We are at a crossroads. In 2014 and 2016, we had statewide candidates, we had a growing membership, and we were politically relevant. In 2017, Marcos Miralles was elected Chair, and reversed our course.

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