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Former President Carter Declares He Will Not Start a New Third Party

Following reports that former President Trump will not start a third party after all, the only other ex-president who is eligible to run again, Jimmy Carter, has also felt compelled to deny the many swirling rumors that he will run again as a third party candidate in 2024, when he will turn 100 just over a month before the election.… Read more ...

Wisconsin Media covers Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen visit

WFRV Local 5:


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Jorgensen-Cohen 2020: War Is Over

New video ad from the campaign:

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Liveblog in comments: LNC E-Meeting July 19, 2020 at 8pm eastern

Notice of LNC E-Meeting July 19, 2020 at 8pm

The Chair will be preparing a final agenda but items of business will include Introductions, Appointment of Assistant Treasurer, and Committee Selections for the Executive Committee, APRC, Ballot Access Committee, and EPCC.

Libertarian Party is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.… Read more ...

Libertarian presidential nominee visits Twin Cities for Juneteenth, George Floyd memorial!

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.; June 18, 2020— Beginning Friday, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian presidential candidate, will be attending events in the Twin Cities to pay her respects to George Floyd and other victims of police violence.George Shrine in MN

June 19 will mark the 155th anniversary of the ending of slavery in the United States following the Civil War.

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DC area Libertarian National Committee members and staff comment on government attacks on protesters

From LPHQ operations director Robert Kraus via facebook:

OMFG THIS IS INSANE! They attacked PEACEFUL PROTESTERS who are always in Lafayette Park 365/24/7 with rubber bullets, tear gas & mace grenades so King Orange the Idiot could march with a bunch of WHITE MEN and give an asinine speech!?! This was before the curfew BTW when they were allowed to be there.

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Socialist Workers Party Raises Almost $100,000 by Supporters Donating Stimulus Checks

Ballot Access News:

Over the last few weeks, the Socialist Workers Party has been asking party supporters to donate their federal government stimulus checks to the party. The party has announced that it has raised $95,000 in this fund appeal. Stimulus checks, in whole or part, were donated to the party by 84 individuals.… Read more ...

Jo Jorgensen social media comments on BLM, insurrection act

Jo Jorgensen@Jorgensen4POTUS

This evening I will attend the #BlackLivesMatter candlelight vigil at Stark Park in Manchester, New Hampshire. If you are in the area, join me in honoring lives lost to injustice.

And on facebook…

Jo Jorgensen:

The Insurrection Act of 1807 states that it can only be enacted when states have exhausted their own resources.… Read more ...

Working Families Party Files Lawsuit Against New York’s Tougher Definition of “Political Party”

Ballot Access News:

On May 29, the Working Families Party filed a federal lawsuit against the definition of a qualified party that passed on April 1, 2020. Hurley v Kosinski, s.d., 1:20cv-4148. The new definition requires a party to pass the vote test every two years instead of every four years.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Press release on recent unrest

Press release from

President Trump’s implication that he will deploy the American military on American soil to battle Americans is yet another failure in leadership. Given the opportunity to act as peacemaker, the president chose instead to escalate the division across the country, risking even more violence and bloodshed. Rather than focusing on the crime that was committed and using the investigation as a focus for de-escalation, he took the unconscionable step of openly advocating for the deployment of trained warriors to fight their own countrymen.… Read more ...

Socialist Equality Party: ‘No to American fascism! Build a mass movement to force Trump out!’

Statement of the Political Committee of the Socialist Equality Party:

The World Socialist Web Site first published the statement, “No to American fascism! Build a mass movement to force Trump out!” on October 14, 2019. The statement warned that “Trump is utilizing the power of the presidency to create an unconstitutional and illegal dictatorship.”… Read more ...

Libertarian national executive committee ballot access meeting tonight; LP, Green and Constitution Party ballot access maps 6/1/20

The LNC executive committee is meeting tonight to discuss ballot access. Details are at the link and towards the bottom of this article.

The LP’s current presidential ballot access map as of this writing is:

While this is an easier map than the party has ever faced at this point in the year in past presidential elections, and 50 state plus access for its presidential nominees was achieved in 2016, 2000 (albeit with a different presidential ticket in Arizona), 1996 and 1992, it fell short of that in other years.… Read more ...