Author Archives: paulie ‘Federal Reserve creates dangerous amounts of dodgy debt’

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We favor free-market banking, with unrestricted competition among banks and depository institutions of all types.

The U.S. Federal Reserve released its third-quarter financial report on Dec. 13. The Fed’s own report — unaudited, of course — indicates that our country’s central bank is underwater in “fair value” market terms. Its bond portfolio is worth $66.5 billion less than what its original cost, and that shortfall is $27.4 billion higher than the Fed’s $39.1 billion in capital.… Read more ... ‘Religious persecution in China … and in Arizona’

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We favor the freedom to engage in or abstain from any religious activities that do not violate the rights of others. We oppose government actions which either aid or attack any religion.

Many people who aspire to government power are motivated by their own idealistic view of how the world should work. The Communist Party in China holds “socialism with Chinese characteristics” as its ideal. This generally excludes religious belief, which it views as antithetical to Communist Party allegiance, so the Chinese government has often cracked down on religious communities over the years — most recently, persecuting the Muslim farmers in southern Xinjiang.… Read more ...

John Kasich Appears to Rule Out Running for President in Republican Primaries, May Run as Independent

Ballot Access News:

On December 19, Ohio Governor John Kasich said he couldn’t win the 2020 Republican nomination against President Trump, and therefore he would stay out of Republican primaries. He appears to still be open to running as an independent in 2020, however. See this story.

The news follows the announcement that

President Donald Trump’s political operation will subsume much of the Republican Party’s apparatus ahead of 2020’s presidential election, party sources tell CNN, merging his already up and running re-election campaign with the Republican National Committee.

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British Green Party Christmas Video

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Libertarian Party: initial 2020 presidential ballot access map and donation link

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Ballot access is one of the most critical functions of the national party. “Ballot access” is political speak for “getting our candidates on ballots.”

Every cycle, the Libertarian Party works hard to get our candidates on as many ballots across the country as we can.

As of December 2018, we have ballot access for our 2020 Presidential candidate in 33 states plus D.C.

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LPME: Libertarian Party fights effort to unenroll Maine voters

Press release from the Libertarian Party of Maine

The Libertarian Party of Maine is taking action to retain the party’s full legal status in Maine and to protect thousands of registered Maine voters from an effort by the Secretary of State to forcibly unenroll them from their party affiliation.

After the midterm election in November, the Secretary of State’s office declared the Libertarian Party of Maine to be not a qualified party and took steps to remove the Libertarian Party listing on voter registration forms.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: November 2018 U.S. House Totals by Party

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All states have finished their official vote tallies except for West Virginia. The national totals for U.S. House by party (using the unofficial West Virginia returns, which will probably be almost exactly like the official ones) are:

Democratic 60,447,537; Republican 50,751,049; Libertarian 768,015; Green 224,919; Working Families 217,172; Conservative 207,094; Independent Parties (of Connecticut, Louisiana and Oregon) 74,672; Reform 66,579; Constitution 59,972; Independence Parties (of Minnesota and New York) 57,463; Working Class 53,102; Women’s Equality 41,317; United Utah 36,177; Legal Marijuana Now 15,791; American 15,011; Progressive 10,758; Independent American of Utah 6,686; Liberty Union 3,924; and Socialist Equality 2,213.

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Chris Powell: ‘Oklahoma City needs ranked-choice voting’

2018 Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Chris Powell in the Daily Oklahoman by way of Ballot Access News (excerpt):

As separate elections, runoffs are an additional cost to the taxpayer. With different and usually much lower turnout, they often produce a result that doesn’t reflect the will of the primary voters. A process that would combine the runoff with the primary, save taxpayer dollars, be more convenient for voters and eliminate the effects of lower turnout would be an obvious improvement.… Read more ...

Steven Greenhut: ‘Jeff Hewitt shows libertarians how to win’

Steven Greenhut in the Press-Enterprise:

Many of my Republican friends chide me for being a “Losertarian,” a member of a party, the Libertarian Party, that is far better known for its sometimes-bizarre candidates, bitter internal disputes and unrealistic policy positions then it is for winning elections.

Never mind that the GOP has its share of strange candidates (including one who managed to win a presidential election), but the criticism always has had an uncomfortable ring of truth to it.… Read more ...

COFOE Helps Pay Expenses for Two Voluntary Lobbyists for Better Ballot Access in Alabama and Georgia

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Thank you to the several hundred people who have contributed to the Coalition for Free & Open Elections (COFOE) over the years. COFOE is a loose coalition of most of the nation’s nationally-organized minor parties, and some allied organizations. Recently COFOE sent $1,000 to a volunteer lobbyist for better ballot access in Alabama, and $1,000 to a volunteer in Georgia.Read more ...

BAN: Gary Johnson Had Coattails for Other New Mexico Libertarian Candidates in 2018

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Gary Johnson was the Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate from New Mexico this year, and he polled 15.38%. It is clear that the Johnson Senate campaign also boosted the vote totals for other New Mexico Libertarian candidates in 2018. The party polled 4.98% for U.S. House in the New Mexico districts that it contested.… Read more ...

Maine Secretary of State Converts all Registered Libertarians to Independents

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On December 14, the Maine Secretary of State converted all 5,500 registered Libertarians to registered independents. The Maine Secretary of State had been told that the party intends to file a lawsuit soon, arguing that it is unconstitutional for states to automatically change voter registration just because the party goes off the ballot.… Read more ...