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Lighting up lawns, burning up liberty: Libertarian Party of Florida convention 2019

The Libertarian Party of Florida, most recently best known for its association with Nixon/Reagan/Bush/Trump henchman, political dirty trickster, and indicted criminal Roger Stone as well as National Socialist Movement card carrying member, stage speaker and Charlottesville Unite the Right torch burning rally alt right organizer and self-proclaimed unconquerable God-Emperor Augustus Invictus, will be holding a cross-burning in conjunction with its annual convention in Tampa on May 3-5 (Invictus has gone on to the Republican Party to more fully support Donald Trump).… Read more ...

Faux News: Former candidate seeking Reform Party nomination Donald Trump “cuts aid to three Mexican countries” in Central America

In 2000, New York based professional TV wrestler, real estate and gambling magnate and Trump crime family boss Donald Trump unsuccessfully sought the nomination of the Reform Party (which had previously nominated Ross Perot and ended up nominating Patrick Buchanan) for president. The Reform Party was also known for having another professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura, serve as Governor of Minnesota.… Read more ...

IPR investigation: is Vermin Supreme actually Tom Knapp’s real father?


Thomas L. Knapp reported in 2017 that the man he then believed to have been his father had passed away. Now, in 2019, Knapp has tantalizingly titled his review of the Vermin Supreme book “I, Pony” “VERMIN SUPREME IS MY FATHER (OR AT LEAST I CALL HIM DADA).”

At press time, we at Independent Political Report are still trying to ascertain whether there has been a belated discovery that Vermin Supreme is actually Knapp’s biological father, whether TLK has been adopted by Supreme, or what exactly this dadaistic connection between the two of them is.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party or Alabama 2019 convention results

Alabama Libertarians Executive Committee for the March 2019 – March 2020 period, elected at Convention on March 23rd:

Chair: Laura Chancey Lane
Vice Chair: Elijah Boyd
Secretary: Paul Frankel
Treasurer: Scott Hammond
Region 1: Noah Oliver Rhys
Region 2: Scott Neighbours
Region 3: Ash Jennings
Region 4: Anthony Peebles
At Large: Richard Fast
At Large: Frank Dillman Sr.… Read more ...

Thread for livebloging this weekend’s LP state conventions

This thread is for liveblogging the LP state conventions for the weekend of March 29-31, 2019. Liveblog will be in the website comment section of this post. I will be reporting from Tennessee on Saturday, and welcome help from others in Tennessee and/or anyone in any of the other states that will have conventions this weekend who is willing to report on their states.… Read more ...

Thread for liveblogging – Libertarian Party of Alabama (and more states?) convention(s) this weekend

WiFi access permitting, I’ll be liveblogging from the 2019 Libertarian Party of Alabama state convention in Auburn this weekend (in the comments of the website version of this post). Anyone else there is welcome to join me in doing so. I have been told NJ and possibly some other states will be having theirs this weekend also [Update from Indiana] so if anyone wants to post updates from those you are welcome to do so, or start a separate thread if you prefer.… Read more ...

JR Myers: Where Are The Constitution Party 2020 POTUS Candidates?

Submitted to IPR by JR Myers

Now that we’re approaching mid-March 2019, one begins to wonder who the contenders for the Constitution Party presidential nomination might be? The CP is one of only five FEC recognized national political parties. According to Ballotpedia, as of March 11, 2019, there are 605 FEC registered POTUS candidates.Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Alabama: Ivey’s RAIP Plan Should Be Spelled RAPE

Montgomery, AL – Alabama citizens and businesses are once again fighting off another attempt by the State to satisfy its thirst for money.

Not only has Governor Ivey gone back on her campaign promise of no new taxes, she is on record stating in an interview that the legislators were “coached” on the plan.… Read more ...

Thread for LNC meeting liveblogging

The Libertarian National Committee will have a meeting this weekend. This thread is set up so that those of you who wish to liveblog/discuss the meeting as it is happening can do so in the comments. IPR has been having ongoing comment lag issues where most people can’t see comments including their own for hours or up to a day later.… Read more ...

Mark West: ‘Alyssa Milano, Red MAGA Hats Are Not KKK Hoods’

Covington Catholic

By Mark West; Author ran as the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arkansas in 2018

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano’s tweet during the aftermath of the National Mall stare down has drawn fire from right-wing critics. She equivocated wearing red MAGA hats with wearing Klu Klux Klan hoods. As of yet, Milano has refused to apologize and instead doubled-down.… Read more ...

Mark West: ‘MAGA Hat Teen: The Hidden Story’

Image result for Maga hat teen stare down

By Mark West; Author ran as the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arkansas in 2018

I created a tidbit of embarrassment for myself last weekend. After watching several viral videos that were spread on social media, I made a snap judgment. Angered at what I perceived as disrespect, I shared the first meme I noticed concerning the issue on Facebook.… Read more ...

Mark West: ‘Libertarian Ideals: Unintentional Self-Destruction’

By Mark West

All Libertarian Party candidates have experienced it at one point or another. Laying an enormous weight on every chance post and idle utterance, this grueling beast can eviscerate a campaign in a matter of moments. Yet, battling for balance with this monstrosity wearies every candidate and stalls campaigns in the malicious mire of friendly fire.… Read more ...