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Former President Carter Declares He Will Not Start a New Third Party

Following reports that former President Trump will not start a third party after all, the only other ex-president who is eligible to run again, Jimmy Carter, has also felt compelled to deny the many swirling rumors that he will run again as a third party candidate in 2024, when he will turn 100 just over a month before the election.… Read more ...

Mike Feinstein Offers His Take On HR 1

Mike Feinstein, former mayor of Santa Monica and co-founder of the Green Party of California, offers his take on anti-third party provisions of HR 1. He notes that the voting rights provisions are great as a stand-alone bill. But, there’s plenty of sausage making behind that.

Many of us already know about the rise in requirements for presidential campaign funding for third party primary candidates.… Read more ...

Former President Trump Declares He Will Not Start a New Third Party

Despite reports he was considering creating a third political party (the Patriot Party), former President Donald Trump declared today during his CPAC speech in Orlando that he will remain a Republican and continue to be a leader for the party.  He hinted he may run again for president in 2024.  Trump won CPAC’s 2024 presidential preference straw poll with 55 percent support and received an approval rating of 97 percent among attendees, up from 95 percent last year.… Read more ...

Legal Marijuana Now Party founds MAGA Patriots Party of Nebraska

Mark G. Elworth: marijuana activist and perennial candidate has announced his intentions to create a second political party in his home state of Nebraska, under the name “MAGA Patriots Party”.

In a Facebook Post, Elworth has stated his intentions for forming this new party was to “get real people in office” and that he was still committed to getting the Legal Marijuana Now Party on the ballot.… Read more ...

Our Revolution LA Disaffiliates with People’s Party

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Just as the People’s Party announces it has registered as a party in California, Our Revolution Los Angeles, one of their largest allies in the states has chosen to disaffiliate from their coalition.

In a statement released February 7th, Our Revolution LA cites undemocratic leadership elections, lack of transparency, and toxic behavior in regards to dissent as the primary reasons for the disaffiliation.… Read more ...

The Patriot Party: Not Trump’s First Third Party Flirtation

It’s been circulating recently that outgoing President (now Former President Donald Trump) has been considering trying to start his own third party. The only detail that is known is that he would want it to be called The Patriot Party.

It would not be Donald Trump’s first dalliance with third party politics.… Read more ...

New Minor Parties Gear Up for Mexican 2021 Midterms

The United States’ neighbor to the south, Mexico, will be holding their equivalent of the midterms in July of 2021. Mexico has a similar electoral system to ours: President and a 2 Chamber Legislature, however their country has reforms such as proportional representation which have let minor parties thrive. Evident by the fact that 10 parties will have equal footing in the upcoming elections, 7 of which are considered “major” to a degree.… Read more ...

Ben Schmitz

American Solidarity Party Candidate Qualifies for Wisconsin Senate Special Election

Ben Schmitz of Sun Prairie, a software developer who serves in the National Guard, has filed more than 400 signatures to successfully qualify for a spot on the ballot in an upcoming Wisconsin special election. The contest to fill a vacancy in the District 13 seat of Wisconsin’s State Senate will include 4 Republicans, a Democrat, and 2 minor party candidates.… Read more ...

‘Let’s Party: A Movie to End the Duopoly’ Finds Major Support on Crowdfunding Site

‘Let’s Party’ is the brainchild of indie film director Brad Leo Lyon and is planned to be a hybrid documentary film with elements of narrative story built into it. The film project is currently raising funds via IndieGoGo and over the weekend was ranked as the #1 Trending CREATIVE CAMPAIGN on the popular crowdfunding platform.… Read more ...

Peoples Party registers In Maine

The People’s Party (previously the Movement for A Peoples Party) has officially registered to be a political party in Maine, the first step towards their goal of being a viable alternative to the Two Major Parties come 2022.

Their State Coordinator Lindsey Weeks was quoted as saying “We are very excited to file today, a lot of Mainers’ work went into getting to this moment.Read more ...

The Green Papers Has a Useful Chart on Write-in Access

The Green Papers website includes a useful chart on its site showing where all 2020 presidential candidates have attained ballot access and official write-in access.  It does not count states without limits on write-in votes.

Click here to see the chart.

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2020 Presidential Election Predictions

Make your predictions for the 2020 presidential election in the comments below.

Here’s some questions to consider:

  1. Who will win the election?
  2. Are the polls accurate?
  3. What will the Electoral College vote be?.
  4. What percentage of the vote will Jo Jorgensen receive?
  5. What will be Jorgensen’s strongest state?
  6. What percentage of the vote will Howie Hawkins receive?
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