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Jill Stein on Ukraine War

Posting on twitter, Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party candidate for President, 2012 and 2016)  has spoken out on the Russian war on Ukraine.  We quote:

With latest UKR aid, cost will reach $115B + countless lives lost in war we could’ve avoided, had we not moved NATO east, supported Minsk or simply not scuttled Turkish peace deal.

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Third Party Federal Income Compared

An IPR Analytic Report

For the country’s three visible third parties, we present Federal Elections Committee data on total receipts since the start of 2021, cash on hand at the start of the year, money received during 2022, money spent since the start of 2022, and cash on hand at the end of the “Pre-Election Period”.… Read more ...

Green Party – Candidates and Results

Election Report – November 8, 2022 elections (From the Green Party web site

Green Party Election Report – November 2022 Elections

At least fourteen Greens have been elected in November 2022 elections:
– mayor (1)
– city council (1)
– school board (3)
– water board (4)
– community services district (1)
– fire protection district (1)
– advisory neighborhood commission (3)

Green incumbents
– Of nine Green incumbents running, seven re-elected

Winning percentage
– At least 14/28 candidates for local county, city, school and special districts were elected, with results for two write-in candidates still to be determined and one tie (not clear how determined)

State-by-state electeds in November 8 elections
– CA (9)
– DC (3)
– ME (1)
– SC (1)

Bruce Delgado, Mayor, Marina, Monterrey County, California (elected incumbent, 2008-to present)
One candidate for one seat.… Read more ...