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Posts published in “Independents”

Several Pacific Coast Counties Signal Their Support to Secede

Three Pacific Coast state counties voted earlier this month to support leaving their respective states in a sign of recent local support for secessionist efforts. Residents in Morrow and Wheeler Counties in Oregon and San Bernardino County in California have voted to leave and either join a pre-existing state or create a new one entirely.… Read more ...

Andrew Yang in Utah, Endorses Evan McMullin

Andrew Yang and Evan McMullin in Salt Lake City, UT, 15 October 2022.  Photos by Joe Buchman

About 45 people attended an outdoor event with two former POTUS candidates – Andrew Yang (current co-chair of the Forward Party) and Evan McMullin (current candidate for US Senate) at Sunnyside Park, near the University of Utah campus, on Saturday, 15 October 2022. … Read more ...

Forward Party Announces First Round of Senate Endorsements

The Forward Party announced on Tuesday afternoon their first set of endorsements for the upcoming US Senate elections.

In an email blast to supporters alongside an official statement on their website, the Forward Party named their first round of endorsements, selecting three candidates from three different political affiliations.… Read more ...