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Posts published in “Libertarian Party”

Chase Oliver Announces Plans to Explore the 2024 Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

Chase Oliver, the Georgia Libertarian whose campaign for US Senate made national news last month, has announced his intention to explore the 2024 Libertarian Party nomination for president.

In early November, the 37-year-old Georgia resident made headline news when he denied Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker a majority of the vote in the race for US Senate in Georgia, forcing a run-off scheduled for later this month.… Read more ...

Third Party Federal Income Compared

An IPR Analytic Report

For the country’s three visible third parties, we present Federal Elections Committee data on total receipts since the start of 2021, cash on hand at the start of the year, money received during 2022, money spent since the start of 2022, and cash on hand at the end of the “Pre-Election Period”.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Reports Additional Victories

The Libertarian National Committee reports!  More Libertarians have been elected to public office across America:

Deborah Brandon – John Swett Unified School District Board – Contra Costa County, CA
Thomas Laehn – County Attorney – Greene County, IA
Nathan Madden – School Board – Buckeye Union High School District – Buckeye, AZ
Aron Lam – Mayor – Keenesburg, CO
Scott Boman – Detroit Community Advisory Council, District 4 – Detroit, MI
Brandon McGlone – City Council – Lancaster, KY
Bill Schult – City Council – Crescent Springs, KY
Lex Hannan – Magistrate / Justice of the Peace – Boone County, KY
Shannon Denniston – Magistrate / Justice of the Peace – Montgomery County, KY
David Harryman – Magistrate / Justice of the Peace – Montgomery County, KY
Chad Finkenbiner – City Council – Orchard Grass Hills, KY
Brandon Wright – City Council – Cave City, KY
Jeremy Dick – Board of Education – Bennington, NE
Brad Sherman – City Council – Sidney, NE
Alex Vlach – Lower Loup Natural Resources District (Subdistrict 8) – Ord, NE
Cole Brodine – School Board – Elm Creek, NE
Jeremy Westengaard – City Council Ward 4 – Gretna, NE
Stephen Coffman – Township Trustee, Liberty, ID
Terry Coffman – Township Board – Liberty, ID
Luke Jackson – School Board District 5 – Martinsville, ID
**Grant Miller – City Council – Tulsa, OK – Oklahoma requires “mathematical certainty” in order to avoid a new election.… Read more ...