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LNC Disaffiliates New Mexico LP

The vote was 14-1-2, the Chair not voting.  14 votes in favor were needed.  The motion passed.  Also, announced at the end of the meeting, the LP of Virginia State Board voted to dissolve the LP of Virginia.

Quoting from my Live Blog:

Harlos: Amend agenda to take New Mexico motion now.  Passed without objection.

McArdle: We advance to the New Mexico disaffiliation motion was noticed by Michael Duque.  Motion was workshopped by many LNC meetings.  We have had many meetings and avoided being hasty.  There seems to be sentiment on the LNC for disaffiliation.  National members in New Mexico who were polled successfully did not support disaffiliation.  LPNM did not respond to us.

Nanna: We were unable to poll LPNM members.  I urge a no vote.

Harlos: Poll asked if state party should disaffiliate.  Harlos complains that the LPNM did not share their membership information with us.  Calls LPNM a rogue board running away with assets.  Called question.  Objections voiced

Vote needed. 2/3 required.  Vote was 3-8-4 against calling the question.

McArdle tried to recognize Tuniewicz.  Harlos objects at great length. McArdle asks for a citation.  Chair found the objection well-taken.

Bowen (I think): I will support.  LPNM wanted disaffiliation, and we should give it to them.  We may be taking on additional legal costs to protect trademarks.  We may have others disaffiliating and must protect tradmarks.

Ecklund (I think): I must reluctantly support. I want to recognize NM members and protect them.

Hagopian: Calls the question. No objection.

Roll call vote: Harlos gives fine explanation of how bylaws work. 3/4 vote of entire LNC needed.  14-1-2  Motion passes.  New Mexico has been disaffiliated.