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Jim Cook: Americans Elect Leader Starts Whispering about 2016 with Reference to Teddy Roosevelt

Jim Cook at Irreguar Times:

In the leadup to 2008 and 2012, the effort to elect a corporate presidential candidate through a privatized, corporate-controlled election began with a series of planted letters to the editor or op-ed pieces or TV interviews in which “opinion leaders” spoke of supposed “centrist” yearnings in the heartland and their discovery of the exciting new “grassroots” movement called Unity08 (in 2008) or Americans Elect (in 2012).… Read more ...

Jim Cook: More Shadow Americans Elect Activity in Maine? Group Paying Wachtel also Brings on Douglas Schoen

Mistler’s latest article takes a look at the Maine campaign finance filings of “Campaign for Maine,” an organization that is not a veteran group, but rather formed just last September. In November, its “campaign manager” Betsy Smith (apparently paid through Vision and Strategy LLC) explicitly declared the purpose of “Campaign for Maine”:

I’m so excited about his candidacy that I am leading an independent campaign effort to elect Cutler as our next governor.

Read more ...