Green Party of Ohio US Senate and US House candidates pledge support for Dr. Stein legislative agenda


From, July 1st, 2016:

Cleveland OH: Green Party of Ohio Senate candidate Joe DeMare and House candidates Joe Manchik and Derrick James Hendricks have announced their full support for the legislative agenda laid out by presumptive Green Party of the United States Presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein.

Dr. Stein’s “Power to the People Plan” lays out an ambitious agenda including: moving to a 100% renewable energy economy by 2030; creating living wage jobs for every American who needs them; and establishing a universal, single payer public health care system.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Summary of Executive Committee Meeting 6/22/16 – Ohio, Illinois, and Maine Ballot Access Issues

13177215_10154154527882726_5080032156295890667_nOn June 22, 2016, there was a Libertarian Party Executive Committee meeting to discuss the following issues:

  1. Increasing the Illinois encumbrance from $50,000 to $70,000.
  2. Authorizing the LNC to join as an amicus in the Ohio ballot access case.
  3. Potentially authorizing an encumbrance for Maine to support them getting voter registrations before the July 12 deadline.
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Libertarian Party: Executive Committee Meeting 4/27/16 on Ohio Ballot Access

UnknownOn April, 2016, there was a Libertarian Party Executive Committee meeting to discuss the issue of encumbering funds for Ohio ballot access. Please note that there was an message to the delegates from Ohio Executive Committee Vice-Chair Scott Pettigrew posted by IPR here.

Scott Pettigrew and Ed Marsh of Ohio were in attendance.… Read more ...

A message from Scott Pettigrew of the Libertarian Party of Ohio

UnknownA message from Scott Pettigrew of the Libertarian Party of Ohio (Executive Committee Vice Chair)

To the delegates:

As you probably know, the Libertarian Party of Ohio has so far been barred from the ballot during the 2016 election cycle, due to the enactment of SB193 (“The John Kasich Re-election Protection Act”).… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Executive Committee Teleconference set for 4/27/16 on Ohio Ballot Access

Libertarian PartyFrom LNC-Votes List:

There will be an Executive Committee teleconference on Wednesday, April 27, on the subject of a ballot access plan in Ohio.

Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Time: 9:30 p.m. Eastern / 6:30 p.m. Pacific

Dial-in: (217) 258-5588
Guest Pin Code: 207730

1. At conference time, dial the Conference Dial-In number above.

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John Kasich played dirty to get Libertarians thrown off the ballot in Ohio, now cries foul over having his own petitions challenged blog:

John KasichThe John Kasich for president campaign accused Ted Cruz of practicing “dirty pool and dirty politics” — an apt description of what Kasich did when he used the power of his governor’s office to knock Libertarian challenger Charlie Earl off the ballot in 2014.

The Montana co-chair for the Kasich campaign made the accusation after the Cruz campaign challenged the validity of Kasich’s petition signatures needed to get onto the ballot in Montana.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party lawsuit news: Ohio, Connecticut, Maine, and Presidential Debates


-Ben Swann’s Truth in Media has this article, about the Libertarian Party of Maine’s lawsuit over voter registration.

-Richard Winger’s Ballot Access News reports that the Supreme Court has refused to intervene in Ohio, pending further lower court proceedings.

-The New Haven Register covers the party’s lawsuit against Connecticut’s residency requirement for petition circulators.… Read more ...

Ohio Green Party Joins Call for Resignation of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor and Changes to Prosecutors Office



Press release from the Ohio Green Party:


The Ohio Green Party and the Cuyahoga County Green Party today have joined the call of activists for the resignation of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty.

The recent acquittal of the officers involved in the death of 12 year old Tamir Rice, who was killed within seconds of officers arrival on scene in November of 2014, is a travesty of justice.  … Read more ...

Twenty Candidates from Four Parties File to Run in Special U.S. House Election in Ohio

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

December 16 was the deadline for candidates running for the vacant U.S. House seat in Ohio’s 8th districts. Twenty candidates filed.  See the list here. James J. Condit, Jr., who was the Constitution Party’s nominee for that seat in 2014, filed to run in the Green Party primary.… Read more ...

The Green Party of Ohio opposes the ratepayer-borne bailout of FirstEnergy for nuclear and coal plants

Earlier today the Ohio Greens issued a statement urging the Ohio Public Utilities Commission to reject ratepayer increases so that two ‘unprofitable’ power plants can continue to operate.

The full statement can be read on the national Green Party web site.… Read more ...

Ohio LP asks sixth circuit to invalidate ballot access law blog:

ImageOn November 19, the Ohio Libertarian Party filed a notice of appeal to the Sixth Circuit Court, over whether the ballot access laws recently written by the state legislature violate the Ohio Constitution.

The Ohio Constitution states that all recognized parties must nominate by primary, yet the ballot access laws written in 2013 state that new parties cannot nominate by primary.… Read more ...