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Coup d’état in the works for Denver?

The Barr campaign is offering to bus people into Denver for the presidential vote. The chartered bus full of Barr backers will then immediately turn around and leave — “[n]o hotel fees or convention ‘extras’ needed!”… Read more ...

Kat Swift interviewed by Cambridge Chronicle

Kat Swift, Green Party presidential candidate, made a campaign visit to a Cambridge, Mass. this past Saturday, and scored an interview the the local Chronicle.

Some highlights:

Question: Do you think the American voting system is stacked up against the Green Party and other third parties?

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‘White nationalist’ Web site criticizes Barr on immigration

The fiercely anti-immigration Web site,, accuses “born again libertarian” Bob Barr of backsliding on his anti-immigration stance.

VDare columnist, Marcus Epstein, lauds the anti-libertarian immigration record Bob Barr established as a member of Congress, which includes the following:

  • Co-sponsoring legislation to cut the number of H-1B visas in half
  • Co-sponsoring a bill to eliminate birthright citizenship, “chain immigration,” and limiting the total number of legal immigrants to 300,000 per year
  • Voting to put soldiers on the border
  • Voting against amnesty in 2001, and the 245(i) “mini-amnesty,” among others

But now Epstein is worried that Barr’s “libertarian conversion” on issues like privacy, civil liberties, and “homosexual marriage,” may also indicate a liberalization of his immigration views.… Read more ...

Goodbye TPW . . . Hello IPR

Austin Cassidy was an unlikely father of the greatest minor-party news site in the history of the Internet. After all, he was and is a Republican, and a thoroughly moderate one at that.… Read more ...