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At the 100 day mark, chart shows Obama’s approval with independent voters

At the Atlantic, columnist Andrew Sullivan notes that a crucial barometer for President Obama, as the 100 day mark is reached, is Obama’s approval rating among independents and Republicans. Two charts showing that information are published without comment.

Link to chart at The Atlantic: Obama And Independents
Andrew Sullivan / 24 Apr 2009 03:53 pm

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Ralph Nader issues statement on Obama’s first 100 Days

Text of a Ralph Nader e-mail announce message dated April 24, 2009:

“No more fine print; no more confusing terms and conditions.”  This is what Barack Obama told a White House gathering of leading credit card issuers this week.

Right afterward, President Obama told the press that “there has to be strong and reliable protections for consumers, protections that ban unfair rate increases and forbid abusive fees and penalties.”… Read more ...