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Libertarian Party of Ohio on their progress

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Republicans won the 2010 mid-term elections based primarily on a huge resurgence of public interest in Libertarian platforms of smaller government involvement and common sense fiscal conservatism. While the tidal wave of Republican enthusiasm has swept the GOP back into power, they weren’t the only party to make significant gains on Tuesday, states the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s Political Director Michael Johnston.… Read more ...

Liberty Point: Libertarian Mike Beitler asked the hard questions

Brian Irving at Liberty Point:

Mike Beitler may not have received as many votes as the polls indicated he would, but he said he’s pleased with the election results because of the campaign staff and organization he’s built.

“I am ready to turn this all over to Mike Munger,” Beitler said, referring to the party’s last gubernatorial candidate.… Read more ...

Wayne Root updates his election predictions, expects bigger gains for Republicans than he did before

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Obama Unhinged: Leftist Anger, Bitterness and Mental Breakdown Leads to Historic Landslide Defeat.

Las Vegas Oddsmaker Now Sees 60 to 70 Seat GOP Victory and Major Independent Gains too.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Best-Selling Author and 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

Think Reagan vs. Carter in 1980.… Read more ...

Your election predictions?

A general question for all our readers: what results do you predict in this Tuesday’s elections? Your replies can cover any state, all alternative party and independent candidates, ballot propositions, and, since Wayne Root opened the door, feel free to prognosticate the Democrats’ and Republicans’ chances as well.

Have at ’em in the comments, but remember: anything you say can be used in a future IPR post.… Read more ...

Mayor of Richmond, CA, largest city in US with a Green mayor, up for re-election in November

Gayle McLaughlin – the mayor of Richmond, CA, which is the largest city in America with a Green mayor – will be up for re-election this November for the first time.  In 2006, she was elected by a margin of just a few hundred votes.

McLaughlin has recently been in the news for supporting a city government boycott of Arizona over the recently passed immigration law and supporting higher taxes in an ongoing controversy with Chevron.… Read more ...

John Nichols of The Nation: ‘2010 might yet be a year of independent breakthroughs’

An excerpt from John Nichols’ blog at The Nation:

Because of Crist’s move, Florida will be the testing ground.

If Crist is defeated by Rubio, the right will claim its party.

If Crist and Rubio lose to Democrat Kendrick Meek — and especially if Rubio finishes third — there will be plenty of fingerpointing followed by, perhaps, a rethink among responsible Republicans of whether it is wise for any political party to place ideological purity above electoral viability.

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Lynne Williams: I’ll be the Green Party’s candidate in State Senate District 28

Not long after announcing the end of her Maine gubernatorial bid, Green Lynne Williams has announced that she will be running for State Senate.  Williams is also a community activist and ran for State House in 2004, garnering almost 13 percent of the vote.  The announcement posted on her website:

The Maine Green Independent Party’s Legislative Recruitment Committee did an excellent job this year, and will have 18 Legislative candidates on the November ballot.… Read more ...

Joe Kennedy Independent Candidate for US Senate, Recent TV Appearances

Joe Kennedy’s Second Televised Debate, 1/11/2010,

Joe Kennedy on Neil Cavuto 01/12/2010:

IPR posts about Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy For SenateRead more ...

ME: Augusta Insider’s Outlook on 2010 Gubernatorial Election

In Maine, there are no less than eight declared third party and independent candidates for governor this year: Sam Bailey (I), Alex Hammer (I), Lynne Williams (G), Eliot Cutler (I), Christopher Cambron (I), Beverly Cooper-Pete (I), Augustus Edgerton (I) and John Whitcomb (I). At the Augusta Insider, Derek Viger is following this race very closely, and has summed up the state of the contest in a recent post on “What’s Next”:

While the Democrats and Republicans are duking it out for their parties’ nomination, the unenrolled and Green Party candidates will have an opportunity to drive a wedge.

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Third Party and Independent Candidates List Update

I just updated Poli-Tea’s list of third party and independent candidates for office in 2010. The list focuses on declared third party or independent candidates for governor, US House and Senate with active websites, and now links to almost 250 aspirants in 42 states! Noteworthy this time around were the high number of Green Party candidates in Illinois and the large slate of Libertarian Party candidates in Texas.… Read more ...

Your wildest scenarios for 2010, 2012 and beyond?

As we all know, truth is stranger than fiction.

The inspiration for this post was in the comments on Political world reacts to news Lou Dobbs may run for President.

Dominick-CT wrote

The libertarian party should recruit Dobbs. Maybe the Libetarians would be able to get 5% in 2012

I responded

Don’t give them any ideas.

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Libertarians in Texas plan on running over 400 candidates in 2010

The full press release (H/T to Joey Dauben):

AUSTIN, TEXAS – November 13, 2009  –   Libertarian Party of Texas (LPT) officials are visiting Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton, and Frisco this weekend (Nov 14th and 15th) as part of a three-month, 24-city tour through Texas to recruit local candidates and support their county parties in the 2010 elections. 
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