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Open Thread for Libertarian National Convention June 27 to 29

The convention business starts on Friday the 27th, although several events were scheduled for Thursday, the 26th. Paul Frankel (AKA Paulie) is there, as is Starchild, and tlpusa LOGOhey’ll both blog as much as possible. Anyone else who wants to tell the rest of us about what’s going on can do so here.… Read more ...

BEST Coalition is Formed to Propose Priorities for Libertarian National Committee

A new website has appeared advertised on Facebook, which proposes 5 priorities for the upcoming term of the Libertarian National Committee. The Libertarian Party’s national convention, Character Matters, is planned for June 26 to 29, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio.

BEST - Building Essential Structure Together - BEST - Building Essential Structure Together

The BEST Coalition

BEST – Building Essential Structure Together – is a coalition of Libertarian Party members who believe the National Party should focus on certain core priorities, revolving around infrastructure.

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Open Thread for Questions for Geoffrey Neale and Nicholas Sarwark, Candidates for Chairmanship of LP

nicholas sarwarkgeoffrey neale

At this time, there are two gentlemen who have announced that they’re running for the position of Chairman of the Libertarian Party, Geoffrey Neale and Nicholas Sarwark. Mr. Neale is the incumbent. The choice will be made by delegates at the National Convention , which will be in Ohio on June 26 to 29.… Read more ...

Nicholas Sarwark: I Would Like to Be the Next Chair of the Libertarian National Committee.

From Nicholas Sarwark’s website :

Nicholas Sarwark for LNC Chair



Nicholas Sarwark

The Libertarian Party is at crossroads. Our ideas are more popular than ever: just look at the trends of people leaving the two old parties and the success of marriage equality and marijuana legalization. At the same time, membership in the Libertarian Party is stagnant and our prospective supporters are being courted by statist politicians who talk the libertarian talk, but don’t walk the libertarian walk.… Read more ...