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Posts tagged as “2016 Libertarian National Convention”

Former LP Presidential Hopeful John McAfee Indicted on Cryptocurrency Fraud Charges

Federal prosecutors have indicted former antivirus entrepreneur John McAfee and his associate for orchestrating what they call a fraudulent scheme designed to rake in millions of dollars from cryptocurrency investors.

McAfee and his “cryptocurrency team” advisor Jimmy Watson are accused of having operated an “age-old pump-and-dump scheme” using McAfee’s Twitter account to promote “various cryptocurrencies through false and misleading statements to conceal their true, self-interested motives.”… Read more ...

Bill Weld Ends Presidential Campaign

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, the Libertarian Party’s 2016 vice presidential nominee, ended his Republican Party primary challenge of President Donald Trump today.  Last night, on Super Tuesday 3.0, Trump surpassed the number of delegates required to secure the Republican presidential nomination.   … Read more ...

More videos from the Libertarian Party national convention

The following videos were from the 2016 Libertarian Party national convention were uploaded on the official LP YouTube channel in the past 24 hours (via American Third Party Report):

Jeffrey Tucker

Tom Woods

Rev. Larry Beane

Roger Roots

Lily Tang Williams

Avens O’Brien

Hall of Liberty – Ron Paul

Hall of Liberty – Bill Redpath

List of Award Recipients

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Libertarian Party’s Convention-Goers Give Trump and Clinton an Award for Outreach

clinton and trump

Libertarian Party gives Trump and Hillary a Liberty Outreach Award

“RESOLVED: For jointly guaranteeing an unprecedented wave of interest in political alternatives, for arguably doing more to disentangle voters from deeply held long-standing political loyalties than we ever could on our own, for opening minds to seek out new ideas of governance, the Libertarian Party awards jointly Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton a Liberty Outreach Award.”

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