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Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: Meet the libertarians — the #NeverTrump movement’s last hope

Gary Johnson waiting in Utah
Libertarian candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson waits to speak with legislators at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City on May 18. (Rick Bowmer / Associated Press)

Meet the libertarians — the #NeverTrump movement’s last hope

By Matt Welch
May 19, 2016

Get over it, #NeverTrumpers. No amount of praying for a political unicorn to inhabit Bill Kristol’s www.renegadeparty.com… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson Wins Straw Poll in South Carolina

Gary-Johnsonx-large-1From South Carolina Libertarian Party here.

On May 7, 2016, the South Carolina Libertarian Party held a straw poll with the members that were present as the last event in its Nomination Convention.

The results were:

Gary Johnson – 12 votes
Austin Petersen – 10 Votes
Marc Feldman – 1 Vote
Jack Robinson – 3 Votes

[Jack Robinson is a resident of South Carolina who is also seeking the Libertarian nomination for US President]

John McAffee did not receive any votes.… Read more ...

Rob Loggia (Libertarian Party): Why So Serious?

lighten-upThis opinion piece was sent to this IPR editor by Rob Loggia. Full disclosure: Rob Loggia is involved with the John McAfee campaign. This opinion piece is his alone and NOT a statement from the McAfee Campaign.

At the New York State Libertarian Party presidential candidate debate this weekend Gary Johnson made a slip.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Attorney Alicia I. Dearn Announces Run for Vice President

3571434_origAnnouncement from Alicia I. Dearn’s Campaign:

April 24, 2016

ST. LOUIS, MO Attorney Alicia I. Dearn officially announces her run for Vice President on the
Libertarian ticket. Dearn is a tough executive and trial lawyer who has demonstrated throughout her career that she is dedicated to liberty and justice.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate John McAfee Answers Questions from IPR Readers

xxxxxx-showcase_image-7-p-1931A few months ago, IPR readers had submitted questions for LP Presidential candidate John McAfee to answer for consideration in his run to be the Party nominee. Here are the questions and responses received (no editing). Enjoy!

What do you think the three most serious problems facing our country at this time?Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Louisiana and Wisconsin Straw Poll Results (Edited)

12993433_10157483380085377_370086040460466711_nThis weekend, Louisiana and Wisconsin had their conventions, and this IPR editor was given their straw poll results as follows in the candidate order that they were reported to me (I added first names to the LA results):

0- Austin Petersen
9- Gary Johnson
2- John McAfee
28- Darryl Perry
9- Jack Robinson
1- Rhett Smith
0- Thomas Clements

6- Gary Johnson
3- Undecided
2- John McAfee
1- Darryl Perry
1- Austin Petersen

4/18/16 Update: Andy Craig from Wisconsin provided the following clarification: The State Party did not conduct an official straw poll.… Read more ...

The Random Spoon: Gary Johnson Is Wrong On Discrimination, And I Don’t Care

Gary Johnson - Gage Skidmore Flickr - banner1This is taken from The Random Spoon Blog: original can be read here.

This has been building for a while now, and now that the cat’s out of the bag, someone has to say it: Libertarians that have a problem with Gary Johnson’s position on anti-discrimination need to get over themselves.… Read more ...

George Dance’s Political Animal: Shouting Match at Texas Libertarian Debate

Libertarian_Party_of_Texas_logoApril 11, 2016 – The April 8 Libertarian Party of Texas presidential candidates’ debate briefly turned into a shouting match, after Libertarian Republic website owner Austin Petersen called former Governor Gary Johnson a “defeatist” and warned the delegates: “Do not nominate this man.”

Petersen, Johnson, and the other candidates were responding to a question about the nationally televised presidential debates in the fall, which the Republicans and Democrats monopolize through their bipartisan Committee on Presidential Debates.… Read more ...

John McAfee, Candidate for Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination, Names Judd Weiss as a Suggested Running Mate

John and Judd

mcafee weiss

John McAfee has announced that he would like Judd Weiss to be his running mate for the 2016 presidential campaign. Said Avens O’Brien at the The Libertarian Republic:

Famous computer programmer and businessman John McAfee is one of the top three contenders for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, but one of his greatest weaknesses within the party is a lack of connections within the movement itself.

Read more ...

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Darryl W. Perry Selects Muslim Running Mate

Darryl Perry

CONTACT: Darryl W. Perry
Phone: 202-709-4377                                    NEWS RELEASE
Email: Darryl@DarrylWPerry.com           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Libertarian Presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry selects Muslim running mate

KEENE, NH, April 6, 2016 – The Libertarian Party, which made history in 1972 when Tonie Nathan became the first woman to receive an Electoral College vote, is notorious for breaking barriers on race, gender and sexual orientation decades before their mainstream counterparts do.

Read more ...