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Gary Johnson wins Nebraska Libertarian Primary

Final results with 1480 of 1480 precincts reporting:

Gary Johnson 51.91%  ✓
Austin Petersen 19.15%
John McAfee 17.16%
Marc Feldman 6.61%
Steve Kerbel* 4.96%

The list of candidates on the ballot was determined under Nebraska law that directs the Secretary of State to automatically place on the ballot candidates who are identified by the national news media as presidential candidates.… Read more ...

Judd Weiss: John McAfee / Judd Weiss Presidential Campaign Ad

John McAfee is seeking the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party, and Judd Weiss is McAfee’s preferred candidate for vice-president. The delegates to the national convention will choose the presidential and vice-presidential candidates over Memorial Day weekend in Orlando, Florida.

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2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidates: Where Are They Now?

While it is widely known that 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is again seeking his party’s presidential nomination, the activities of the unsuccessful 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidates are not so obvious.  I decided to research the matter and provide an update on the former candidates.  I found that out of the nine principal 2012 challengers to Johnson, one is deceased, two have expressed support for Republican front-runner Donald Trump, and three more are again running for President.… Read more ...

Open Thread for Questions for Gary Johnson, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination


I’ll be at the California convention this weekend, as will Gary Johnson. I haven’t confirmed an interview with him, but I did hear back from someone in his campaign, and I plan to pursue it at the convention. So, IF I’m able to catch a few minutes with Mr. Johnson–what would you like for me to ask him?… Read more ...

Andy Craig: ‘Internet Troll Runs for President: The Sad, Strange Campaign of Austin Petersen’


Posted to

March 27, 2016
By Andy Craig

One of the things Libertarians pride themselves on is that our nomination is a competitive and open process. Literally anybody can run for President, so long as they’re constitutionally eligible and a member of the party.

The downside of that is…. well: anybody can run for President.Read more ...

Resolutions from Rhett Smith, Candidate for Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination

rhett smith

Mr. Rhett Smith from Texas has provided some information regarding his plans for the Presidency. He is a candidate for the presidential nomination for the Libertarian Party. Here is his website.


Whereas, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitutional Bill of Rights was fundamental for basic freedoms of American “Libertarian (revolutionary) thinkers,” now, today , these “first freedoms” are even more crucial, as Libertarians address America’s global challenge, and must now be considered in American global policy and world affairs;

Be it hereby Resolved , “Freedoms that we cherish for each and every American, should not be denied and violated by global partners and alliances.”… Read more ...

John McAfee: The Truth About My time In Belize

Mr. McAfee is a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. The choice will be made by delegates the weekend of May 27 thru 30 in Orlando Florida.

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Libertarian Party: Cecil Ince Suspends Presidential Campaign, Turns Eyes Back to Missouri

3c106f4bef922dd4af00a7cac1efe624_400x400Exclusive Press Release to IPR

Springfield, MO, March 18 – Cecil Anthony Ince suspended his campaign for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination on Friday, citing recent straw poll and primary results.

“I’ve tried to present my party with a positive vision for a presidential campaign and I believe I’ve had an impact in how Libertarians look at the coming election,” says Ince, “but it’s become clear to me that this is not my year to carry that particular banner.… Read more ...

Interview with Darryl W. Perry, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination

Darryl PERRY

Mr. Perry and I communicated through email for this interview.

Do you think that Bush and company should be charged for crimes related to the invasion of Iraq?

Absolutely, as should everyone involved in the commission of those war crimes or any of the war crimes committed under the Presidency of Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, George HW Bush, Reagan, etc.

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The Next News Network: John McAfee–The American Political Anti-Virus?

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Colorado L.P. declines to invite Petersen to state convention, citing his repudiation of Libertarian principles

From the Libertarian Party of Colorado: 

Libertarian Party of Colorado: Statement Regarding Austin Petersen and its 2016 State Convention

Questions have recently arisen about the decision of the Board of Directors of the Libertarian Party of Colorado to refrain from an extending an invitation to Austin Petersen to attend its Presidential debate at its State Convention.

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Video: Gary Johnson at CPAC 2016

See also articles about Johnson’s appearance here, here, and here.

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