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Libertarians To Host Only Presidential Debate in NC

Libertarian Party of North Carolina Press Release

RALEIGH (Dec. 9) – The Libertarian Party of North Carolina will host the only presidential debate scheduled in North Carolina. It is set for March 7 from 9 to 10:30 p.m. EST and will be webcast on Google Hangouts On Air. The debate will feature candidates for the Libertarian presidential nomination.… Read more ...

Live Stream for The Libertarian Presidential Debate 10/17/15

imagesA YouTube channel has been set up to lifestream the Libertarian Presidential Debate scheduled for October 17. 2015. You can view the channel here. Please note in the description that it is stated that it is possible that the link may change if there are difficulties with an additional link being given to watch it live on Facebook here.… Read more ...

Libertarian National Committee Discussion: Criteria for Listing Presidential Candidates on Libertarian Party Website

LP wallpaper 3The following is an email chain of an ongoing discussion between members of the Libertarian National Committee concerning the criteria for listing candidates seeking the Party’s Presidential nomination at its website. This post will be updated with any further communications in this discussion as they become available.

Email dated September 30, 2015 from Joshua A.Read more ...

Lee Wrights Addresses the Question of Running for President in 2016

I am the king of me

Lee Wrights

Okay, the inquiries are starting to come in so allow me to make my position clear. No, I will not seek the LP presidential nomination in 2016. No, I am not prepared to endorse anyone for that nomination at this time. No, I will not run for governor of your state.

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Libertarian 2016 presidential nomination poll: NOTA beating current field, Johnson overwhelming front-runner when included

From Examiner.com’s Karl Dickey:

Yesterday, August 30, 2015, the Palm Beach Free Press conducted an online poll of mostly Libertarian and independent voters to see where they stood on the 2016 presidential election. The conclusion was that the most likely of voters either do not know the officially announced Libertarian Party presidential candidates well enough or would prefer to vote “None of the Above” (NOTA) than for the candidates currently in the running.

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Judge Gray Addresses Jim Webb Speculation

Jim Webb official 110th Congress photo.jpg

I contacted Judge Jim Gray, the Libertarian Party’s 2012 Vice Presidential nominee, about an article published here on December 25 announcing that Gray planned to attend the January 3 Democratic Liberty Caucus event in South Carolina.  The event reportedly planned to feature former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, who last month opened an exploratory committee to decide whether to seek the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.  … Read more ...

CT Libertarian Joshua Katz Considers 2016 Prez Bid

Joshua Katz

Westbrook, Connecticut Planning Board member Joshua Katz sent the following letter to IPR about a potential bid for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.  Last year, Katz defeated both a Republican and Democrat in his election to the Planning Board.  He also serves as chairman of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut.Read more ...

State-by-State Results of IPR’s 2016 LP Presidential Preference Poll


With IP analysis complete, IPR can now release the official state-by-state results of its August 12-19 survey, which gauged reader preference for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination field.

In the poll, voters were asked to chose one of the following individuals, who at the time, were either running or had expressed an interest in running for the 2016 LP presidential nomination:

Results released in late August showed former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as the overwhelming preference of the poll’s 166 participants.… Read more ...

IPR 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Survey Results

Using SurveyMonkey, IPR conducted three polls from August 12-19 gauging reader preference for those running or interested in running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.  With each individual listed in alphabetical order, readers chose between:

In the three polls, participants were asked to rate the viability of the above individuals, to rank each based on personal preference, and to select one (or none) as their preferred choice for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.… Read more ...

IPR’s 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

The following is the first official Independent Political Report poll concerning the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

The only individuals included in this poll are those who are either officially running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination or have expressed interest in running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.… Read more ...

New Libertarian Party 2016 Presidential Poll Started

LP logo

Joe Wendt, a Libertarian Party of Florida activist, created the following new online poll using Survey Monkey. IPR reported the results of the previous poll, with some different candidates, yesterday. Candidates in bold have already announced they are running; the rest are speculative. The following are the questions, with a list of choices:

1.Read more ...

Ventura Moves to Continue Lawsuit Against Widow of Slain “American Sniper”

Jesse Ventura, the former professional wrestler, who won election as Governor of Minnesota as a member of the Reform Party in 1998, is continuing his lawsuit against the widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, who was murdered earlier this year.

Today, attorneys for Ventura appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan, arguing for the lawsuit to continue.… Read more ...