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Sorinne Ardeleanu: Happy Thursday!

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Sorinne Ardeleanu sent out the following message today to her email subscribers: 

I’m so excited!

Today is a big day… Lots is happening. =)

First of all, my interview about stepping into leadership airs on Sacred Success Salon. It’s part of a series of interviews with inspiring leaders from all walks of Life.… Read more ...

Vermin Supreme: Libertarian Party Convention THIS WEEKEND

2020 Libertarian presidential candidates Vermin Supreme today sent the following message to his email subscribers: 


We are TWO DAYS AWAY from the Libertarian Party Convention!

As some of you may be aware, Congressman Justin Amash dipped his toe into the pool of the Libertarian Party Presidential race for the nomination, but has decided against running. … Read more ...

Jacob Hornberger: Please Help Me Win This Nomination

2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jacob Hornberger sent the following message to his email subscribers:

We are now down to the final stretch! After 6 months of heavy campaigning — including attending some 16 state conventions and participating in around 20 presidential debates — the election for the LP presidential nomination is this Saturday.… Read more ...

First IPR 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll (Partial) Results

400 responses were registered in IPR’s first 2020 Libertarian Party presidential preference poll conducted May 12 through May 15.  Due to an issue with SurveyMonkey.com, results from only the first 90 respondents are available at this time.  I apologize for not being able to provide the full results.  If the issue is resolved, I will post the results in full as soon as they become available.… Read more ...

BREAKING: Justin Amash Withdraws from 2020 Presidential Race

Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash has withdrawn from the 2020 presidential race. He was believed to be the frontrunner for the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

He tweets:

Thanks for your support as I’ve been exploring a run for president as the potential nominee of the Libertarian Party.

I’ve spent nearly three weeks assessing the race, appearing in media, talking to delegates and donors, watching the Libertarian Party’s convention plan unfold, and gathering feedback from family, friends, and other advisers.

Read more ...

Jo Jorgensen: Important Announcement about Saturday’s Debate … And Other News

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen released the following statement today concerning the next Libertarian presidential debate tomorrow and various campaign updates:

One week from today, the Libertarian National Convention will come to order, online rather than in Austin. I have one week to reach every delegate and alternate and convince them I’m the right person to represent the party.… Read more ...

Ken Armstrong: Looking Beyond the Convention Drama

2020 Libertarian vice presidential candidate Ken Armstrong sent the following message to Libertarian activists today to earn support for his campaign at the National Convention. 

To my fellow tireless liberty activists,

I address you now during a complicated and stressful time for our party. Much of our energy lately has been occupied by the controversy surrounding the Convention’s date and location.… Read more ...

Jo Jorgensen Answers IPR Readers

IPR readers submitted questions for 2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen (website).

Jorgensen, currently a psychology lecturer at Clemson University, was the Libertarian Party’s 1996 vice presidential nominee, running mate of the late Harry Browne.  In 1992, she ran for Congress in her native South Carolina.

Below are the questions (with a link to the specific reader comment before each) along with Jorgensen’s responses.… Read more ...

IPR 2020 Libertarian Presidential Preference Poll

The following is the first official Independent Political Report (IPR) poll concerning the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

The only presidential candidates included in this poll are Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash and those who are officially recognized on the Libertarian Party website.  There is an option to write in another candidate if you choose.… Read more ...

Kokesh Campaign Manager: Demand an In-Person Convention ASAP

The campaign manager for 2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh, Elijah Jon Gizzarelli, sent out the following statement today, demanding the Libertarian Party hold its National Convention in-person and as soon as possible, despite the coronavirus pandemic. 

My fellow members of the Libertarian Party,

The LNC will be holding a meeting on Saturday, May 9th, in order to decide the fate of our National Convention.… Read more ...

LNC Votes to Cancel Austin In-person Convention, Will Decide Alternative Next Week

As first reported at Ballot Access News, at the much publicized Zoom meeting today, the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) voted nine to seven to cancel the in-person National Convention scheduled for Austin later this month.  This comes in light of the coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in the death of over 60,000 Americans and led to the cancellation of most public gatherings. … Read more ...

Ken Armstrong Ends 2020 Presidential Bid to Seek VP Nomination

Former Coast Guard Officer Ken Armstrong withdrew from the race for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination Wednesday with the emergence of Congressman Justin Amash as a contender.  Armstrong has now launched a campaign for the vice presidential nomination.

Known for his booming voice on the campaign trail, Armstrong, who previously served as executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Hawaii, and as a member of the Honolulu County Neighborhood Board, took his libertarian message to various debates and party meetings. … Read more ...