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U.S. District Court rules against Libertarian Party of New Hampshire lawsuit against ban on off-year party petitioning


From the Concord Monitor:

Efforts by the Libertarian Party to win back its official listing on New Hampshire ballots received a setback Thursday when a federal judge upheld a 2014 state law that puts a time limit on the period during which the party can gather the thousands of necessary supporting signatures.

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Libertarian Party of Indiana Supports ACLU Lawsuit

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For Immediate Release

The Libertarian Party of Indiana would like to extend its support of the ACLU lawsuit against two Indiana municipalities that passed ordinances regulating the activities of door-to-door canvassers. As defenders of the Constitution, the LPIN has informed the ACLU that they intend to assist them in the fight for liberty.

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Gary Johnson Contrasts Himself With Ron Paul, Obama, GOP Field, Past and Present Libertarian Presidential Contenders

From Mike Riggs at Reason, describing Gary Johnson’s speech to the ACLU:

Johnson said he’d cut the military’s budget and end Obama’s interventionism. It wasn’t until he got started on legalizing marijuana that the crowd (figuratively) lit up. A steady stream of applause followed Johnson’s declarations after that.

“I support gay marriage equality.

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ACLU Says Johnson Better On Civil Liberties Than Obama or GOP Candidates

The ACLU recently put out a presidential candidate comparison score card for civil liberties and ranked a number of GOP presidential candidates, President Obama, and former-GOP candidate Gary Johnson, who is now a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President.

According to the ACLU’s report card, Gary Johnson actually scored better than any of the other candidates, including the Democratic incumbent, President Barack Obama.… Read more ...

IPR blogtalk 1/24/10: Paulie, Andy Jacobs and Brian Bittner discuss harassment of petitioners and Andy’s arrest

Yesterday evening, Andy Jacobs and I (Paulie) discussed harassment of ballot access petitioners, including Andy’s arrest outside a public library while petitioning to get the Green and Libertarian Parties back on the Maryland ballot. For the first hour of the show we were joined by Maryland Green Party Co-Chair Brian Bittner.… Read more ...

RESCHEDULED: IPR Blogtalk today (Monday): Brian Bittner, Andy Jacobs on Maryland ballot access petitioning and arrest

UPDATE: I screwed up last week and scheduled the show for 15 minutes, and Andy also was not on the call. This time I have made sure that we will have long enough for the show. It will be on today (Monday) at 8 PM Eastern time, and I will also try to make sure everyone is on this time.Read more ...

Maryland Greens and Libertarians hand in signatures; petitioners harassed, one arrested at public library

[Posted by Paulie]

The Maryland Green Party submitted 14,842 signatures and the Maryland Libertarian Party submitted 13,787 signatures towards a requirement of 10,000 valid signatures. The deadline for submitting additional signatures has been extended to March 7:

The Maryland petition deadline for a party that wishes to obtain, or regain, its qualified status is not until August 2012.

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Georgia Greens Demand Answers on Inmate’s Brutal Treatment

Excerpt from a press release posted at the website of the national Green Party:

Georgia Green Party
Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Georgia Greens Demand Answers on Inmate’s Brutal Treatment
Macon State inmate Transported to Atlanta Medical Center

In a New Year’s Eve letter sent to Governors Sonny Perdue and Nathan Deal, officers of the Georgia Green Party asked why the Georgia Department of Corrections withheld from Terrance Dean’s family news of his condition and whereabouts.

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PSL: ‘Election results: right-wing shift or anger at the status quo?’

Brian Becker at PSLweb.org:

Class-wide struggle is brewing

Do the Nov. 2 election results signal a major shift to the right and a resurgence of conservatism among the people? Is that what the capture of 66 House seats by the Republicans indicates? That is the fundamental message from the corporate media and by many in the milieu of pro-Democratic Party liberalism, such as the ACLU.… Read more ...

Libertarians Join Lawsuit Against Petition Requirements in Nebraska

The Libertarian Party of Nebraska has joined a lawsuit by the ACLU filed in December against the petition requirements in that state. The Associated Press reports:

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) – The Libertarian Party of Nebraska has joined a federal lawsuit against the state over its petition signature requirements for ballot initiatives and independent candidates.

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Ballot Access News: ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Three Nebraska Ballot Access Restrictions

Posted at Ballot Access News:

On December 16, the ACLU Voting Rights office filed a lawsuit in federal court against three Nebraska ballot access restrictions: (1) a law passed in 2007 that requires statewide independent candidate petitions (for office other than president) to include at least 50 signatures from each of 31 counties; (2) a law passed in 2008 that makes it illegal for out-of-state circulators to work in the state; (3) an older law that requires petitions that are circulated by a paid circulator to have printed in 16-point type, and in red, “This petition is circulated by a paid circulator.”… Read more ...

ACLU, ally of minor parties, loses major donor

The American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that has helped many minor parties and independent candidates in ballot access fights, has lost their largest donor, reported the New York Times.  This anonymous donor had previously contributed more than $20 million every year.  Other organizations are working to raise this money now, which represented a quarter of the ACLU’s national budget, but they have not been able to raise as much as would have been contributed.… Read more ...