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New Johnson ad: “Choice, it’s what’s for dinner.”

War in Afghanistan?

Obama : Yes.

Romney: Yes.

Governor Gary Johnson:

Bring our troops home NOW.


Abolish the IRS?

Obama : No.

Romney: No.

Governor Gary Johnson:

End income, corporate and capital gains tax,

Replace them with a fair tax.


Medical Marijuana? End the Drug War?

Obama : No.… Read more ...

Tom Woods: The Libertarian Speech I would give to the whole country

Tom Woods, historian and liberty activist, participated in the Texas Libertarian Convention June 9, 2012. His opening statement included that he would be making two speeches, the first 40 minutes being his speech to the masses to draw them to libertarianism, the last 20 minutes regarding his thoughts on the Libertarian Party.… Read more ...

Two new video interviews with Gary Johnson – Attempting to bring in Ron Paul supporters

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is continuing to rack up media interviews, but ones that are a little more niche. The first is a short, fast paced interview on Polipop, a youtube channel with many different affiliates posting their own philosophical views, and the occasional debate.

The second is an interview with Ron Paul Flix’s Israel Anderson, a site dedicated to promoting news and views for Ron Paul.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: In Defense of my Pro-Peace Message

This was published in full by permission from Darryl W. Perry.

The link to the audio can be heard here.

On June 16 the Keene Sentinel published a letter to the editor regarding my participation in the local Memorial Day Parade.

The letter reads,“I was angered and saddened to have to bear witness to the protesters that felt it necessary to be at the end of the parade.Read more ...

Green-Rainbow Party says: Keep hands off protesters

A press release from the Green-Rainbow Party, the national Green Party affiliate in Massachusetts:

Keep Hands Off Protesters, Says Green-Rainbow Party

BOSTON – In response to the arrest of over 120 people early Tuesday morning, the Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) called for the City of Boston to find ways to accommodate the Occupy Boston demonstrators who have been gathering in the Dewey Square area of the City. … Read more ...

George Phillies: ‘How can we promote activism and volunteerism?’

By George Phillies
Originally published at Liberty For All

The New Path objective is to turn the Libertarian Party into the American majority party. We will become the majority party through thoughtful, effective, hard-working leadership that spends your money effectively, that mobilizes volunteers all across America to do effective work, and that spends its time electing Libertarians and creating conditions that will elect more.… Read more ...

An Activists’ Guide to Election Day: ‘Video your vote’

In an email update from the organization Black Box Voting, voting rights activist Bev Harris informed her supporters of a few things:

-Another organization committed to a similar cause, called Video The Vote. You can sign up there to film voting on Election Day in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.… Read more ...

Book Review: ‘Dumbocracy’ by Marty Beckerman

Dumbocracy: Adventures with the Loony Left, the Rabid Right, and Other American Idiots” is the result of Marty Beckerman spending years of his life infiltrating the darkest, craziest corners of activists’ America (and Israel). The self-described “Jew-boy” attends pro- and anti-abortion rallies, pro- and anti-Zionism events, and other events of the grassroots underbelly.… Read more ...