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Warren Redlich campaign: ‘Debate Night – Microbrewery version’

Posted by IPR reader Be Rational in comments on a previous post:

Warren Redlich is on the way to breaking the 50,000 vote barrier.

Warren on Facebook:

Warren at the Debate:

From the Libertarian Donors Club letter:

Warren Redlich NY Governor 50,000 votes http://wredlich.com/ny/

New York is an important state in the eyes of the media and has a large population.… Read more ...

Bill Hillsman, famous for his Jesse Ventura ads, rumored to be working with Ill. Green gov. candidate

In a rumor that seems to have started at the Democratic blog MyDD, famous adman Bill Hillsman – who was one of the factors in Jesse Ventura’s third party victory in Minnesota and is said to be one of the best advertisers of all time – is said to be working for Rich Whitney’s Green campaign for governor in Illinois. … Read more ...

June Genis: Time running out to get Anti-Prop 14 ads on the air

There is still a chance that we may be able to buy some more of the Green/P&F type cable TV ads but time is running out. It will take 2 days to produce an LP version (although at this point I personally don’t care whose names are on them).

If people will pledge money (please indicate if you’re willing to use the Green or P&F versions or require an LP version) please send me you pledges at junegenis@gmail.comRead more ...

Libertarian, Peace and Freedom and Green Parties create ads to stop Prop 14

From the Libertarian Party:

H/T Michael Seebeck in comments on a previous post.Produced by Adrian Galysh. As far as we know, it has not been used in broadcast media, at least yet.

Ballot Access News reports that the Green and Peace and Freedom Parties parties put these on cable channels CNN, Headline News, and MSNBC.… Read more ...

Club For Growth announces $250K in ads for Conservative Party candidate

Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate in a special congressional election in New York, is receiving some help from the Club For Growth.  Hoffman has been recognized by many in the mainstream media as just as likely to win his race as his major party competitors, a rare accomplishment for a third party candidate. … Read more ...

Green Party of Mexico: Bring back the death penalty

From the Los Angeles Times blog:

You see some strong stuff on the streets of Mexico City. Women begging with babies in their arms, young kids, high on glue, washing car windshields and children no older than 5 trying to sell chewing gum and lollipops to people eating at sidewalk restaurant tables.

Read more ...

Crazy for Liberty Radio will run free radio ads for Libertarians

Posted at Crazy for Liberty

If you belong to a group or campaign that is fighting for liberty please let me know and if you send me a 30 second ad I will run it for free on my radio show. The show is a live show that runs in Atlanta on Sunday mornings from 11:00 t0 12:00 am in the morning.We

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