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President of the AFL-CIO warns Democrats, says workers want a more ‘independent’ labor movement

From the Hill (H/T to Third Party and Independent Daily):

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Friday that workers want an “independent” labor movement designed to help the working class, not a specific party or candidate…

“Our role is not to build the power of a political party or a candidate.

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Green candidates win key labor endorsements


While Dems take labor support for granted and cave in to corporate lobbies, Greens fight for working people; Greens say “We don’t have a shortage of work ethic in America, we have a shortage of work”

Green Party Speakers Bureau: Greens available to speak on labor http://www.gp.org/speakers/speakers-labor.php

WASHINGTON, DC — Green candidates for Congress and other public offices have drawn important endorsements from unions and labor organizations, as well as union leaders and rank and file members throughout the US.… Read more ...

Vermont Progressive Party: ‘Young Workers Summit’

Posted by Rep. Susan Davis on the Vermont Progressive Party website:

I just got a copy of “USW@WORK” and read about the first ever AFL-CIO Young Workers Summit that was held this summer in Washington DC, where more than 400 participated developing a plan for the future of young workers. At the Summit, young workers focused on making sure young union leaders and activists are taken seriously and their ideas are heard at all levels of the union movement.… Read more ...

Arkansas AFL-CIO Endorses Green Mark Swaney for Legislature

Ballot Access News:

The Arkansas AFL-CIO recently endorsed Mark Swaney, for state representative in the 90th district. Swaney is the Green Party nominee. His only opponent in November is a Republican.

Graphic from GP.org:

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