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Jill Stein rebuffs Al Gore’s “baseless attack on Green Party”


(Via ATPR): Press release from Jill2016.com, September 1st, 2016:

Challenges former VP to support ranked choice voting

Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential candidate, responded today to former Vice President Al Gore’s recent statement repeating the myth that Ralph Nader cost Gore the 2000 election. At the same time, Gore urged voters concerned about climate change to vote for Hillary Clinton.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson Contrasts Himself With Ron Paul, Obama, GOP Field, Past and Present Libertarian Presidential Contenders

From Mike Riggs at Reason, describing Gary Johnson’s speech to the ACLU:

Johnson said he’d cut the military’s budget and end Obama’s interventionism. It wasn’t until he got started on legalizing marijuana that the crowd (figuratively) lit up. A steady stream of applause followed Johnson’s declarations after that.

“I support gay marriage equality.

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Counterpunch Column Advising Progressive Democrats to “Go Green”

Headline and tip from Ballot Access News.

(excerpt from) Counterpunch
Full story: here
Welcome to Clinton’s Third Term
Don’t Mourn, Go Green

By Don Santina

For quite awhile now, the political streams have been flooded with the ever increasing wail of the progressive Democrats. The weeping and gnashing of teeth by peace and justice groups, unions, focus groups, Democratic Party blogs and liberal/left journals has become deafening: What happened, why didn’t we get what we voted for on November 4, 2008?

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Scholarly Study Suggests Nader Helped Gore In 2000

from Ballot Access News
University of Iowa Publicizes Scholarly Study That Suggests Nader Helped Gore in 2000
September 29th, 2009

The June 2009 issue of the Journal of Marketing Research has an article, “Could Ralph Nader’s Entrance and Exit Have Helped Al Gore?”. The three authors are University of Iowa Professor William Hedgcock, Professor Akshay Rao of the University of Minnesota, and Professor Haipeng Chen of Texas A&M University.

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Al Gore on third parties and the two party system

The one election is recent history in which the spoiler effect played the most major role – or at least it is perceived that way by many – was the 2000 presidential election. In case you live under a rock, Al Gore lost Florida to George Bush by about 500 votes and that caused him to lose the Electoral College.… Read more ...