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Green Party to Alan Dershowitz on terrorism: Pot. Kettle. Black.

Writing in the New York Daily News. Alan Dershowitz attacked Cynthia McKinney as Judaeophic and pro-Islamic terror:

The one issue about which candidates McCain, Obama, Palin and Biden seem to agree is Israel. During the debates each candidate has gone out of his and her way to emphasize strong support for Israel as an American ally and a bastion of democracy in a dangerous neighborhood.

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Alan Dershowitz: McKinney & Greens hate Israel

In an editorial in the New York Daily News, Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz points to the Democratic and Republican party candidates shared support for the government of Israel, and to the Green Party’s lack thereof. He points out that, in the “major” parties, support for the government of Israel is a given, while in smaller parties that support is not.… Read more ...