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Life and Liberty Party On Arkansas 2020 Ballot

The newly organizing Life and Liberty Party has achieved ballot access for its Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates in Arkansas.  This is the first state that the Life and Liberty Party has obtained ballot access under its own name.

The Life and Liberty Party is “a coalition of parties across the nation. … Read more ...

Virginia Constitution Party Disaffiliates From National CP

Yesterday, in a 3-2 vote, the Virginia Constitution Party formally disaffiliated from the National Constitution Party. The following statement was issued by VA CP Chairman, John Bloom. This follows the recent disaffiliations of the Idaho CP, the South Dakota CP and the Alaska CP, as well as the disbanding of the Montana CP.… Read more ...

CA AIP to Nominate Donald Trump for President

According to J.R. Myers, founder and chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party, a source from within the California American Independent Party (CA AIP) reports that the Party has decided to nominate Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for president.

As Ballot Access News reported last month, Trump likely won the CA AIP’s June primary through write-in votes, though such votes were not officially counted.… Read more ...

Alaska Constitution Party included in latest monthly voter registration tally for first time

Alaska Constitution Party in IPR comments:

ACP included in latest monthly Alaska voter registration tally for first time.


That tally shows the Alaska Constitution Party with 3 registered voters.

Also in the tally:
185,517 Undeclared (no party declared)
131,805 Republicans
81,221 Nonpartisan (no party affiliation)*
74,843 Democrats
14,291 Alaskan Independence Party
8,769 Libertarians
2,298 Greens
1,647 Veterans Party

Total: 500,394 registered voters.… Read more ...