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Adrian Galysh: ‘Alex Padilla’s SB 602 requires food handlers to get a license to flip burgers for minimum wage, but none to mis-manage the state for $95,281/year’

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VAN NUYS, CA: Adrian Galysh, candidate for California State Senate, district 20 (San Fernando Valley), responds to Senator Alex Padilla’s “Food Safety” law that will require food handlers to pay licensing and training fees, “While this bill may bring in millions of dollars of “easy money” for the government, it is taking money out of the pockets of 1.4 million hard working Californians that need it the most.… Read more ...

Adrian Galysh: California State Senator Alex Padilla’s priorities are clearly misplaced

Press release from the campaign of Adrian Galysh, Libertarian candidate:

California State Senator Alex Padilla’s priorities are clearly misplaced. He’s not addressing California’s unbalanced budget, $600 Billion dollar debt, and the flood of businesses and desperately needed jobs that are leaving the state.

Senator Alex Padilla has introduced a bill that would raise the tax on Soda in California.… Read more ...