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Alexander Cockburn’s post-election interview with Ralph Nader

from the Nov. 7 issue of Counterpunch. org:

Talking to Nader about the Campaign, on November 5.

AC: In 2000,you drew nearly 10,000 people to a speech in Portland, Oregon. This year you got barely 2,000 in in the whole of Multnomah County where Portland lies, perhaps the most progressive county in the nation.… Read more ...

Cockburn: ‘if you want to stay true to reason and conscience, the man to vote for is Bob Barr’

Alexander Cockburn, editor of CounterPunch, has written a “CounterPunch Diary” critique of Senator Joe Biden that scathes the presumptive Democratic vice presidential nominee for his connections to the banking industry, his apparent vanity, and his foreign policy. In further discussing foreign policy, the piece contains a surprising comment on the third party field (from a writer that supported Ralph Nader‘s 2000 and 2004 campaigns:

Meanwhile, Ralph Nader seems to be dropping his bid to the level of knock-about.

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