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Alexander Snitker of Libertarian Party of Florida Responds to IPR’s Conversation of September 14

This was sent to me by Mr. Snitker for the purpose of posting here on IPR

Regarding the Conversation between myself, John Wayne Smith, Vicki Kirkland and David Hester on September 14th 2013.

My name is Alexander Snitker and I am the Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida. This letter is being written to fully explain a conversation that took place on September 14th 2013.… Read more ...

Full List of New Executive Committee in Libertarian Party of Florida

From the LP Radical Caucus Facebook group: 

Here’s the full executive committee in Florida:

Chair – Dana Cummings
Vice Chair – Alex Snitker
Treasurer – Danielle Alexandre
Secretary – Lynn House
At Large One – Jared Grifoni
At Large Two – Don Sheldon
At Large Three – Pete Blome
Region One – Dick Creamer
Region Three – Bill Wohlsifer
Region Five – Zachary Elijah Proscia Silva
Region Six – Char-Lez Braden
Region Eight – Brian C.… Read more ...

Alexander Snitker: It’s a matter of Perspective, Mr. Stone

Aleaxander Snitker was the 2010 Libertarian Party nominee for U.S. Senate in Florida. He was elected the vice-chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) at the May 24-26th, 2013 state convention in Naples. 

Published May 27, 2013


As I was heading home from one of the most well attended and productive Libertarian Party of Florida state conventions in many years, I was feeling positive about the direction the party is headed.… Read more ...

Alexander Snitker: Whose side are you on?

A few days ago an article was realeased by Wayne Allyn Root titled: How Romney Can Win The Presidency – This Week which was met with some controversy. Alexander Snitker, former Libertarian Party Senate candidate of Florida had this to say:

It is completely appropriate to be paid for punditry work, but as a member of the LNC it is unethical to be writing, against or at least not in favor of, the party you hold a position in. 

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Press Release: Florida Whig Party Endorses Snitker, Calls For Ridings Resignation

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Florida Whig Party Chairman Paul Truesdell released a public video message on Friday calling for the resignation of Florida Press Association (FPA) President Dean Ridings. The Whig Party was responding to the FPA’s exclusion of Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Alexander Snitker in a candidate forum at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota Thursday.… Read more ...

Alex Snitker Crashes Media Event

Alex Snitker is the Libertarian Party of Florida’s candidate for U.S. Senate, as well as a former Marine. Yesterday Snitker crashed a press event that was held in Florida in which Charlie Crist, Kendrick Meeks, and Marco Rubio were all invited to address the media, but Snitker was not. His press release is excerpted below:

SARASOTA, FLA – When the Florida Press Association invited U.S.

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FL Senate: Poll Shows Independent Crist in the Lead, Libertarian Snitker Gains on Democrat

The Snitker campaign has released an internal poll which found 2.5% support for the Libertarian candidate, who appears to be gaining on Democrat Kendrick Meek, who garnered only 9% support.  Charlie Crist remained the front runner with 40% support.  From the Snitker campaign website:

In a poll released today, 2.5% of registered Florida voters said they would vote for Libertarian U.S.

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