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Red Phillips Article on New American Eagle Party

From IPR Contributor Red Phillips at Conservative Heritage Times:

American Eagle Party Forms from the Remnants (?) of A3P/American Freedom Party

For those who are unaware, the American Third Position party was a pro-white third party that formed a few years back. I said at the time that that was a really bad choice for a name for a rightist American party and that it wouldn’t thrive.… Read more ...

America First Party Remembers Congressman James Traficant

James Traficant was a Democratic Party congressman who served from 1985 until he was removed from office after being convicted of numerous crimes in 2002. In 2010 he ran for his old seat as an independent and polled 16% of the vote. Congressman Traficant passed away on September 27th. The following is an official statement from America First Party:

It is with sadness that we reflect on the passing of a great
and heroic American, James Traficant — the eight-term congressman who
appears to never have swerved from the path of putting our nation’s
interests first — and we offer our heartfelt condolences to his family.… Read more ...

America First Party calls for an end to aid for Egypt and Israel

America First Party
1630 A 30th Street #111
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stop U.S. Aid to Israel and Egypt!
Boulder, CO – Over the last 19 months, all the 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza have been subject to attack by means of a stringent Israeli and Egyptian blockade of food, fuels, and medical supplies.… Read more ...

America First: ‘Holiday Spirit Necessary for National Survival’

A special New Year’s Eve message from the America First Party:

Holiday Spirit Necessary for National Survival

Boulder, CO – As the old year ends, Americans often sprint though a flurry of holiday related activities. In the sometimes hectic commotion, many can overlook the meaning of the holidays that are being celebrated.

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Socialist Brian Moore, America Firster Jonathan Hill on AlJazeera

Socialist Party USA Presidential candidate Brian Moore and America First Party chairman Jonathan Hill split a screen on AlJazeera this week discussing, and at times disagreeing, on strategic visions for third party development in the US during this election cycle and the long term. Both also addressed the issue of smaller third parties splitting support from larger, similarly oriented third parties, which the interviewer put forward to Hill as the Libertarian Party and Moore as the McKinney or Nader campaigns.… Read more ...

America First Party endorses both Barr and Baldwin

The America First Party’s National Committee has “voted to encourage voters to vote for either Bob Barr, of the Libertarian Party, or Chuck Baldwin, of the Constitution Party,” the party announced. The AFP “stated that both candidates have ‘achieved ballot access in enough states to have a theoretical possibility of winning the presidential election’ and that both ‘hold positions similar but not identical to those of the America First Party.'”… Read more ...

Proposed resolution: AFP to endorse both Barr and Baldwin

From the minutes of last Monday’s Operating Committee comes the text of the following resolution to be submitted to the America First National Committee:

Whereas the America First Party is not running a presidential candidate in 2008 because this would be a poor use of resources for our developing party; and,

Whereas many voters would nevertheless like to have guidance on how to vote in the general presidential election; and,

Whereas both Democrat and Republican presidential nominees are greatly at odds with the America First Party’s principles in areas of foreign policy, trade, immigration, and fiscal spending; and,

Whereas it is important that voters not waste their vote by voting for Democrat and Republican presidential candidates who are poised to violate the basic requirements of the oath of office, and who will, if they pursue their stated policy objectives, continue the process of overturning our constitutional government; and,

Whereas there are two presidential candidates which have achieved ballot access in enough states to have a theoretical possibility of winning the presidential election, and which hold positions similar but not identical to those of the America First Party;

Therefore, be it resolved by the America First National Committee:

That voters be encouraged to vote for either Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr for President in November.

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America First Party denounces potential Ukraine, Georgia NATO membership

In a press release penned by Chairman Jon Hill, the America First Party discusses the pitfalls of accepting Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, calling it a “Very Bad and Dangerous Idea” in light of the obligations of the Cold War era alliance in relation to the South Ossetian war and ongoing tensions between Russia and its neighbors:

Like other treaties which have ensnared nations in bloody carnage during the last century, the NATO treaty provides a war guarantee; it commits the United States and its forces to heroic sacrifice and potentially to dangerous escalations with other nuclear armed nations.

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AFP release on mortgage bailout condemns debt, calls for tariffs

The America First Party has issued a press release condemning the recent federal bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as irresponsible government spending as an ineffective stopgap:

In an effort to bail out stockholders, lenders, and homeowners, congress and the president have raised the debt ceiling by an ear-popping $800 billion, thereby allowing our nation’s cash debt to rise above $10 trillion for the first time ever.

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America First Party: Iran’s ‘faults may be fewer’ than those of U.S.

In a statement issued today, the America First Party said the United States “should respect Iranian independence and avoid hypocrisy.” The AFP cites recent U.S. statements supporting Georgian sovereignty against foreign interference, and says the State Department is taking a markedly different position regarding Iran.

The AFP says, “Iran is not a perfect nation, but its faults may be fewer than those which point the accusing finger.… Read more ...

America First Party praises Heller ruling

The America First Party said in a statement that the “Supreme Court’s recent decision in District of Columbia vs. Heller is a welcome respite from the deluge of judicial activism seen from courts in recent times. We applaud the court for recognizing what should have been obvious to any impartial reader, that the Second Amendment right is an individual right of citizens to possess and use arms in their defense, and that this right preexisted the amendment itself.… Read more ...

America First Party supports Matthis Chiroux

Press release from the America First Party on Sergeant Matthis Chiroux’s decision to refuse deployment to Iraq:

Soldier’s Objection to Iraq Deployment Shows Honor and Grit

Boulder, CO – Boulder, CO – Soldiers who object to the Iraq war on constitutional grounds, and yet are ordered to deploy there, are quickly confronted with the reality that being true to their conscience could lead to their arrest, imprisonment, and dishonorable discharge.… Read more ...