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Modern Whig Party has new interim national chair

The Executive Committee of the Modern Whig Party acting in accordance with the MWP bylaws appointed Andrew Evans interim National Chairman of the Modern Whig Party. Andrew has nearly 5 years of experience in working in national and state leadership capacity in the American Centrist Party, which united with the MWP in June.… Read more ...

Press Release: Modern Whig Party and American Centrist Party to merge

Posted on the Examiner:

Moderate National Political Movements Announce Merger

Favoring common sense, rational solutions while rejecting strict ideology, American Centrist Party and Modern Whig Party join forces

WASHINGTON (Monday, June 14, 2010) – As the Democrats and Republicans continue to spiral into unprecedented depths of polarization, recent events have highlighted the fact that the original ideals of the Tea Party movement have devolved into merely a continuation of this ideological rift.… Read more ...