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American Conservative Party Approves Platform for 2013

From the American Conservative Party website:

The ACP Board of Directors has approved the Principle Platform for 2013.  This a wide-ranging document which reflects what we believe and how we view the role of the Federal Government.  It lays the groundwork for more specific proposals upcoming and eventually will help to formulate our legislative agenda for the 113th Congress and the Obama Administration:



Purpose of this Document

This document is intended as a wide-ranging statement of the core principles of the American Conservative Party, how it views the role of government in the United States, and the role of our sovereign nation in the world.… Read more ...

[American Conservative Party:] ‘Mitt Romney: More in Common with President Obama Than You Know’

Written by Lee Anderson
Posted at American Conservative Party (

Mitt Romney has taken a lot of heat over his “Romney Care” effort to insure all citizens while he was governor of Massachusetts. And for good reasons. The Massachusetts plan was supposed to accomplish two things; achieve universal health insurance coverage and controlling costs.… Read more ...

American Conservative Party: Why Wisconsin is Ground Zero for Education Reform

Lee Anderson at American Conservative Party

Highlights from the 2007 study by Randall Eberts: Teachers Unions and Student Performance: Help or Hindrance reveal the following about the impact of collective bargaining on public education system:

1. Teachers unions can, and have, come out strongly against state referendum to allow charter schools and voucher systems, which they believe could divert students away from traditional public schools and thus reduce public school resources, their union ranks, and their bargaining and political power.… Read more ...

American Conservative Party: ‘Now What?-the ACP in 2011’

Forwarded to IPR by Don Lake:

Last night was a fantastic night for America.

Record turnouts all over the country…a decided swing from the Progressive Democrats in the direction of the (mostly) Progressive Republicans.

There were a few that made it in, though, that might not play ball…Rand Paul from Kentucky, just might not work so well with the Big Government ruling class, and Jim Demint has proven he is willing to buck the status quo.… Read more ...