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Report on the 2013 Constitution Party National Committee meeting in Denver

National Committee member from Illinois, Done Stone, speaking. Stone is a religious fundamentalist who supports Christian totalitarianism.

Posted on September 30, 2013 on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page


The National Executive Committee and the National Committee of the Constitution Party held their Fall 2013 meetings in Denver, Colorado, hosted by the American Constitution Party, the Colorado affiliate of the national party.… Read more ...

Constitution Party’s Facebook Page Surpasses 5,000 “Likes”

The Constitution Party’s official Facebook page surpassed 5,000 “likes” earlier today. The following picture was posted:

The Constitution Party’s top ten state affiliates, by number of Facebook likes (as of today):

1. Constitution Party of Illinois – 1,685 likes

2. Constitution Party of Tennessee – 1,598 likes

3. Constitution Party of Arizona – 836 likes

4.… Read more ...

Americans Elect Qualifies for Colorado Ballot, Lamm and Tancredo Criticize Effort

Dick Lamm is a former Governor of Colorado and once pursued the Presidential nomination of Ross Perot’s Reform Party. Tom Tancredo is a former Republican Congressman and in 2010 he ran for Governor as a candidate of the American Constitution Party. Both figures were not only prominent members of third parties, but were taken quite seriously by voters and media alike.… Read more ...

Colorado Constitution Party Prepares for Major-Party Status Following Tancredo’s Run for Governor


From Denver Westword:

By inching over 10 percent of the vote last Tuesday, Dan Maes saved the Colorado Republican Party from the humiliation of falling to minor-party status. But while Tom Tancredo didn’t win the race, his 30 percent-plus of the vote elevated the American Constitution Party to a major Colorado party.

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Tom Tancredo Releases New Ad

From supporting terrorists to stealing from little old ladies, Tom Tancredo has leveled serious accusations at his opponents over the years. The candidate continues the tradition with his latest ad targeting Democrat John Hickenlooper. The Colorado Independent explains,

Tom Tancredo, who is running as the Constitutional [sic] Party’s candidate for Colorado governor, has a new ad bashing opponent John Hickenlooper’s so-called sanctuary policies for illegal immigrants as mayor of Denver.

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Can Tancredo Pull a Lieberman?

For Independent candidacies seriously looking to win a major race with three candidates, there are generally two paths to victory.

Path 1: The Jesse Ventura model. In 1998, Jesse Ventura won a race for Governor with 37% of the vote. Republican Norm Coleman took 34% and Skip Humphrey took 28%. This type of race features three competitive candidates, who all have a decent shot at winning the election.… Read more ...

Tancredo, 2nd in Fundraising, Blocked From Debate

Two big pieces of news came out today on Tom Tancredo’s Constitution Party campaign for Colorado Governor that seem to make a striking contrast.

First, campaign finance reports are in on the three major candidates in the race. The Associated Press reports,

Third-party gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo has outpaced the Colorado Republicans’ nominee, Dan Maes, in August fundraising and has almost the same sum in the bank as Democrat John Hickenlooper, a sign the race could be more competitive than previously thought.

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As Maes’ Door Closes, Tancredo’s Door Opens

It appears that Republican Dan Maes is in a pretty tough spot in the Colorado gubernatorial race.

Since upending Rep. Scott McInnis in the GOP primary last month, Maes has run into a string of problems and questions about his own credibility. Earlier this week, the Post reported that Maes falsely claimed he did undercover police work in Kansas before being terminated.

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A Constitution Party Wave?

From Lynn Bartels in the Denver Post:

Former Republican James Fariello picked a great time to run for Adams County sheriff on the once-obscure American Constitution Party ticket.

Fariello was invited to speak at a recent fundraiser for Tom Tancredo, the former Republican congressman who turned Colorado politics topsy-turvy by running for governor as an American Constitution Party candidate.

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CO: Libertarian Candidate for Governor Advocates Approval Voting

From The Denver Daily News, via Poli-Tea:

There’s at least one gubernatorial candidate happy to see Tom Tancredo enter the race for governor as a third-party candidate, and we’re not talking about Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper. Libertarian candidate Jaimes Brown welcomes Tancredo into the race “with open arms.” .

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