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Fmr. Congressman Tom Tancredo leaves GOP to become independent

In a piece published at Breitbart, Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) announces that he is formally renouncing his membership in the Republican Party, in favor of being a no-party independent.

In a panel discussion at the University of Colorado after the recent Republican debate, I was asked by a student why she should be a Republican.

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Ballot Access News: Minor Parties Have a Lot Riding on Their Percentage of the Vote on November 4

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

One of the reasons the November 4 election is suspenseful is because there are so many states in which it is difficult to predict whether various minor parties will poll enough votes to obtain, or keep, recognized party status.

Alabama: although no minor party candidate has any candidates on the ballot for statewide office, parties can also obtain recognized party status, for county office only, if they poll 20% of the vote for a countywide county office.… Read more ...

Photos from the Constitution Party’s national committee meeting in Denver

Constitution Party Facebook page, September 29, 2013:

Doug Campbell, chairman-American Constitution Party. ACP is the Colorado affiliate of the national Constitution Party. They were our gracious hosts.

Official National Constitution Party videographer, Bob Peck, chairman-Constitution Party of Washington.

Convention delegates (CP Georgia chairman Ricardo Davis in middle)

Speaker from Noble Mint

2008 vice-presidential candidate Darrell Castle (front)

Don Stone, National Committee Member representing the Constitution Party of Illinois.… Read more ...

Report on the 2013 Constitution Party National Committee meeting in Denver

National Committee member from Illinois, Done Stone, speaking. Stone is a religious fundamentalist who supports Christian totalitarianism.

Posted on September 30, 2013 on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page


The National Executive Committee and the National Committee of the Constitution Party held their Fall 2013 meetings in Denver, Colorado, hosted by the American Constitution Party, the Colorado affiliate of the national party.… Read more ...

Constitution Party’s Facebook Page Surpasses 5,000 “Likes”

The Constitution Party’s official Facebook page surpassed 5,000 “likes” earlier today. The following picture was posted:

The Constitution Party’s top ten state affiliates, by number of Facebook likes (as of today):

1. Constitution Party of Illinois – 1,685 likes

2. Constitution Party of Tennessee – 1,598 likes

3. Constitution Party of Arizona – 836 likes

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Colorado’s Constitution Party Complains About Americans Elect

In Colorado the Constitution Party’s affiliate is called the American Constitution Party. The chairman of the party, Doug Campbell, recently complained to the state about Americans Elect due to the fact that they both have “American” at the beginning of the party’s name.

The party filed a complaint against the secretary of state’s office, saying the name of a new political party known as Americans Elect is too similar to its own — a situation that “would create unnecessary confusion at the ballot box.”

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Americans Elect Qualifies for Colorado Ballot, Lamm and Tancredo Criticize Effort

Dick Lamm is a former Governor of Colorado and once pursued the Presidential nomination of Ross Perot’s Reform Party. Tom Tancredo is a former Republican Congressman and in 2010 he ran for Governor as a candidate of the American Constitution Party. Both figures were not only prominent members of third parties, but were taken quite seriously by voters and media alike.… Read more ...

Two Constitution Party Gubernatorial Nominees Lead The Pack In Popular Vote Among Alternative Party Candidates

Constitution Party News via TPID:

Tom Tancredo’s American Constitution candidacy in Colorado won 620,632 votes. This total is far and away the top votal total for any candidate outside the Democrat or Republican Party. It appeared near the end that he might win the race. His total percentage nearly doubled his poll numbers when he entered the race.… Read more ...

Colorado Constitution Party Prepares for Major-Party Status Following Tancredo’s Run for Governor


From Denver Westword:

By inching over 10 percent of the vote last Tuesday, Dan Maes saved the Colorado Republican Party from the humiliation of falling to minor-party status. But while Tom Tancredo didn’t win the race, his 30 percent-plus of the vote elevated the American Constitution Party to a major Colorado party.

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Third Party and Independent Daily: Latest Tancredo News

TPID has two new items about former Congressman Tom Tancredo’s run for Governor as an American Constitution Party candidate in Colorado:

CO: Tancredo Admits Drug War is a Failure, Calls for Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana

From the Real Vail news:

One of the more candid moments in McGarry’s interview with Tancredo was when he asked him about legalizing marijuana.… Read more ...

Tancredo To Name New Running Mate

From the Associated Press via Grand Junction Sentinel:

Tancredo says that was part of the deal when he switched from the Republican Party to run as the American Constitution Party candidate.

His current running mate is Doug Campbell, who was chosen by former candidate Benjamin Goss before Tancredo was chosen to fill the position by a vacancy committee.

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A Message From Tom Tancredo

Posted at Conservative Heritage Times:

Dear Conservative,

As a longtime partner with me in the battle to secure our nation’s borders and stop the scourge of illegal immigration, I want you to be among the first to know that this week I filed my papers as a candidate for governor of Colorado.… Read more ...