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American Nazi Party Chairman Weighs In On Donald Trump

3f7c5983-6fba-4b9f-b183-8115a8a6f42cFrom Rocky J. Suhayda at the American Nazi Party website:

Racial Comrades: Today I was contacted once again by the “Buzzfeed” so-called “news-site”, you know, the one that gave us international press about a month ago, over a hit piece on Donald Trump.

Well, the “reporter” wrote to me, per this controversy over Trump dis-avowing old Dave Duke, per Duke’s “support”, so I thought – what the hell, I’ll throw my two cents in…

Here’s what I sent him, of course it wasn’t wholly published, but at least I set the record straight.… Read more ...

Willis Carto, Founder of Populist Party, Dies

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On October 26, Willis Carto, founder of the Populist Party, died in Virginia. He was 89. The Populist Party existed 1984-1994. It ran Bob Richards for President in 1984 (former Olympic champion); David Duke in 1988; and Bo Gritz in 1992. The New York Times has a lengthy obituary for him.… Read more ...

Rocky J. Suhayda on Native Americans and White People These Days

keepamericabeautifulFrom Rocky J. Suhayda at the American Nazi Party website:

Racial Comrades and all you other pale-faced creatures living in the Twilight-Zone –

Recently I was asked by a curious observer, about National Socialism’s viewpoint on “Native Americans”.

In a knee-jerk reaction, I was prepared to rattle off the usual diatribe that “well they lost, and there wouldn’t BE an “America” without the White/Aryan Europeans crossing vast oceans of water and all that that entailed, discovering AND settling a wild wilderness, and through hardships unbelievable to the weaklings of TODAY’S “white” population, sweating, toiling, fighting and BUILDING – this CREATION of America, and its Western based society.… Read more ...

American Nazi Party Plans Spring Blitz in April

Via the ANP Report for March 14, 2014:

Racial Comrades: Usually, by March the weather has lightened up to the point where Outreach activities can get into high swing again. This winter has been much different, here in Michigan we just had another snow storm which dumped another 6-8 inches of the white stuff – so we decided against announcing the usual Spring Blitz in honor of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell’s birth-date on the 9th this year.… Read more ...