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Jim Cook: More Shadow Americans Elect Activity in Maine? Group Paying Wachtel also Brings on Douglas Schoen

Mistler’s latest article takes a look at the Maine campaign finance filings of “Campaign for Maine,” an organization that is not a veteran group, but rather formed just last September. In November, its “campaign manager” Betsy Smith (apparently paid through Vision and Strategy LLC) explicitly declared the purpose of “Campaign for Maine”:

I’m so excited about his candidacy that I am leading an independent campaign effort to elect Cutler as our next governor.

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Opposition News: Independent JL Mealer Running for AZ Governor

John L. Mealer is no stranger to being a citizen-candidate running against the odds for elective office. Two years ago, he was a candidate for President. This time around, he’s set his sights on Arizona Governor. And with AZ Gov. Jan Brewer leaving due to term limits, it should be an exciting race.… Read more ...

New Arizona Voter Registration Data Released

Ballot Access News, July 24th: 

Every three months, the Arizona Secretary of State issues a new voter registration tally. Here is the July 1, 2013 tally. Compared to the April 1 tally, all three of the state’s minor parties, and the independent voters, have increased; the two major parties have decreased.… Read more ...

Americans Elect Super PAC Spends $700,000 on Ads to Boost Independent U.S. Senate Candidate Angus King

Ballot Access News:

According to an October 5 story in the Washington Times, Americans Elect’s super-PAC has spent $700,000 on independent expenditures recently to boost Angus King, the former independent Governor of Maine who is running for the U.S. Senate as an independent. The story also says that the donor to the Americans Elect super-PAC who made this possible is New York city Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is himself a registered independent.

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Americans Elect Spent $11,316,047 on Ballot Access in 2010 and 2011

Ballot Access News:

According to the Americans Elect Mission Report, published this year, the organization spent $1,157,723 for ballot access in 2010, and $10,158,324 in 2011. Those total $11,316,047. The report does not have the 2012 figure.

Americans Elect eventually qualified itself in 29 states. The last state in which it qualified was Oregon.… Read more ...

Oklahoma Americans Elect Party Submits Johnson/Gray For Ballot

An Americans Elect convention in the state of Oklahoma took place which nominated Gary Johnson and James Gray for President and Vice-President and then successfully submitted their names to the State of Oklahoma Board of Elections. Americans Elect was a national effort to nominate a third party ticket through the Internet, they attained ballot status in a number of states before abandoning their plan for lack of presidential contenders that met their requirements.… Read more ...

Americans Elect wants to de-certify themselves

From an article posted on Ballot Access News, on July 12, 2012:

Reportedly, national leaders of Americans Elect are planning to ask state officials to de-certify the party, in all the states in which the party is now ballot-qualified. However, there is no legal precedent that gives state or national party leaders the legal ability to take that step.

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Congressional Candidates File in Americans Elect Primary in Arizona

Ballot Access News reports

Arizona will hold a primary on August 28 for five political parties to nominate candidates for Congress, state office, and partisan local office. Those five parties are Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Americans Elect.

Two candidates have filed for the Americans Elect primary, each of them running for a seat in Congress.

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CNN Article on Americans Elect

This article addresses in detail Americans Elect’s troubles specifically, and addresses challenges to third parties generally. Hat tip to Kevin Thompson.

The fledgling group’s inability to coalesce around a candidate points to the difficulty of breaking into a system heavily weighted to favor Republican and Democratic politicians — and the struggles of attracting mainstream candidates willing to forgo parties for an independent run.

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Zapper: Lessons from Americans Elect Collapse, Opportunities and Ad Strategy for Libertarians

Posted by Zapper in IPR comments:

What are we seeing here?

The American people seem to be fed up, and yet for the most part, they don’t respond.

We’ve seen a second Great Depression, continuing economic malaise with unemployment, massive deficits, the housing crash, foreclosures, bankruptcy, people barely hanging on to their jobs and financial lives, or scrambling for new jobs at lower wages, most thankful to be getting by, or desperate because they’re slipping below the financial waves.… Read more ...

Americans Elect Will Not Nominate a 2012 Presidential Ticket

Despite securing a place on 30 state ballots, the advocacy group Americans Elect has decided against nominating a ticket for the 2012 presidential election.

Less than an hour ago, the group posted the following press release on its website:

There is a desire among Delegates and millions of Americans who have supported Americans Elect to see a credible candidate emerge from this process.

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More Americans Elect Commentary

I’m going to lump these two articles together so as not to clutter up the site with multiple AE stories which are likely to start coming fast and furious with AE’s planned announcement tomorrow of their future plans.

First, here is a Washington Post column from Dana Milbank.

Faced with this twin disappointment — desirable candidates being uninterested and interested candidates being undesirable — Americans Elect has announced that it is abandoning its online nominating process because no candidate had reached its minimum threshold.

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