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Posts tagged as “Andrew Davis”

Libertarian Party Director of Communications Andrew Davis resigns

From Rachel Hawkridge:

Last night, I was informed that Andrew Davis has resigned. Donny Ferguson has been hired to replace him.

Libertarian Party chairman Bill Redpath writes,

“Donny brings 15 years of experience as a field activist, campaign manager and fundraiser as well as solid political knowledge.

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Libertarian Party blog: ‘The skeptics’

Posted at by Andrew Davis:

Not everybody is pumped about Obama’s $825 billion stimulus plans, especially the part that includes billions of taxpayer dollars being spent by the government in the hopes of jump-starting the economy.  Here’s what we’ve said about it:

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Libertarian Party: ‘Fred Barnes and the legacy of Bush’

Posted at by Andrew Davis

As we move closer to Jan. 20 and the end of the Bush administration, the push to salvage the legacy of the Bush administration becomes stronger and stronger.  However, even from an objective standpoint, there is little that Bush has done in the last eight years that has made America safer, stronger or freer. … Read more ...