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Update on Modern Whig Party: new website, new state chapters

The Modern Whig Party has a new website, Modernwhig.info.

From their blog:

“The MWP is proud to announce new state chapters in Oklahoma, Oregon, Mississippi, Florida, and Arizona. These chapters have been organizing since November of 2010. The MWP is also currently working on new chapters in Ohio and Delaware as well.… Read more ...

Meet the Whigs: Will Cain Interviews Andrew Evans, Chairman of the Modern Whig Party

From Cain and Table, earlier this month via TPID:

Last week I spoke to Andrew Evans, Chairman of the Modern Whig Party. The Modern Whig Party is a centrist political party that hopes to focus on each issue individually – without any tie to ideology – and to “find solutions that work.”

Read more ...

Independent Candidate Jeff Vanke in second place in U.S. Congressional race

From the Modern Whig Party:

The Modern Whig Party announces that one of its members is engaged in a truly unique Congressional campaign. In perhaps the only race of its kind, Jeff Vanke is competing in what is tantamount to a two-person race against a vulnerable Republican. There is no Democrat in the race while Vanke, a moderate, is currently polling in double digits.… Read more ...

Modern Whig Party has new interim national chair


The Executive Committee of the Modern Whig Party acting in accordance with the MWP bylaws appointed Andrew Evans interim National Chairman of the Modern Whig Party. Andrew has nearly 5 years of experience in working in national and state leadership capacity in the American Centrist Party, which united with the MWP in June.… Read more ...